QUESTION: A friend of mine whose son works for Lindale ISD said the school district received COVID vaccines and he was vaccinated. Does this fall into the guidelines of the people who are supposed to be receiving vaccines in the first tier? I thought it was just first responders and people over the age of 65?

ANSWER: I did confirm, first, with Lindale ISD that a pharmacy in Lindale had applied to receive the vaccinations and offered them to the district for its employees. District spokesperson Courtney Sanguinetti said 190 employees chose to receive what will be the first of two shots.

Teachers are included in phase 1B of the state’s vaccination plan, according to information I found on the Texas Department of State Health Services’ website. What I didn’t find is if there is any specific timeline when the new populations covered in that phase, including teachers, could start receiving vaccines.

You might have seen a story earlier this week in the News-Journal in which Pine Tree and White Oak ISDs announced they would be working with a private firm starting in February to offer vaccines to teachers, as well.

The idea, of course, is that teachers are deep in the trenches of helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools and putting themselves at risk while teaching our children. Helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our homes, as well.

Q: Can you find out please if the attorney general’s office in Longview is still doing business? Our granddaughter and I have sent several emails and letters to them the last few months and have received no reply. I know government offices are very overworked, but they could sent us a note or call to say we have the wrong office or they will not do anything. If you can help, I would appreciate the help.

A: So, yes, the child support office is still operating, but the office isn’t open to the public because of — go ahead, guess — the novel coronavirus.

I was successful in reaching the office by phone, though. Try either of these two numbers: (903) 758-9078 or 1-800-252-8014.

I’m sorry I have no explanation for why someone hasn’t responded to your attempts to communicate with the office, but I hope you complain when you’re able to reach someone.

Q: A couple who are related to a friend of mine have recently had five Covid-19 tests, all of which have been positive. The husband is awaiting surgery and is required to be free of infection before proceeding, hence the number of tests. So, even though only two people are involved, they have produced five positive results between them. My friend believes that this is a reason for an inflated number of Covid-19 cases and that the real figure is probably about a third of the official figure.

It seems that there are others who think that the number of cases is exaggerated. What is the truth?

A: I have spoken to local health officials about this before, and COVID-19 tests are tied to the individual, so, a person’s positive tests would be counted once, and then their recovery would be counted once. Multiple tests of the same person are not being counted more than one time.

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