QUESTION: How are those lights on the trail expansion across Fourth Street by Longview Regional Medical Center going to work?

ANSWER: This phase of the Guthrie Trail extension will intersect roads at several locations, and each one will have a system in place to help pedestrians safely cross.

The trail crossings on Hollybrook Drive and on Fourth Street each have what is called a “HAWK” — or “High-Intensity Activated CrossWalk” signal, according to City Engineer Alton Bradley.

Those signals will work as stop lights to allow trail users to cross Hollybrook or Fourth.

“HAWKs work the same as other button-activated traffic signals ... which directs the person walking or biking to wait for the signal to change and traffic to stop, allowing them to cross safely,” Bradley said in an email. “For a driver, the HAWK signal appears differently than other traffic lights. At rest, HAWKs remain dark. Once triggered, it will then go through a series of yellow and red sequences requiring motorists to slow down and stop. After the people walking and biking cross, the HAWK will go dark again, allowing motorists to continue through the intersection.”

The Delwood Drive device is a “rectangular rapid flashing beacon” that also will be activated with a pedestrian button. It provides “high visibility to motorists approaching pedestrian crosswalks,” Bradley said.

“This is a pedestrian crossing sign with activated flashing yellow lights,” he said.

Q: I recycle each piece of paper possible. But, are window envelopes recyclable? Do recyclers not want them because of the plastic in the window? Thank you.

A: The company that takes Longview’s recyclables, Rivers Recycling, said it accepts those kinds of envelopes.

Q: What happened to the pregnant weather lady on KLTV? Whatever happened to Michael Coleman, the sports broadcaster on Channel 7?

A: As tends to happen, meteorologist Katie Vossler is no longer pregnant. Baby Claire was born Feb. 22, weighing in at 6 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long, according to a post Vossler made on Facebook. KLTV Vice President and General Manager Pat Stacey said Claire arrived a little early, but she and her mom are doing well. Vossler is on maternity leave but will return to the air soon, Stacey said.

Sports Director Michael Coleman was just enjoying a bit of vacation this past week. Stacey said he is “back in the saddle this week.

“His schedule varies during the week based on the headlines in the sports world but, rest assured, Michael is on the job,” Stacey said.

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