QUESTION: I ordered takeout from a restaurant this past weekend. The girl who took my order was less than 3 feet away from me. She and the people behind the counter filling orders — not one of them had a mask on. I seems that with them right over my food and the governor’s order (about masks) those people should be wearing masks. It was really disheartening to see someone handling my food just a few feet away from me and they weren’t wearing masks. I was just wondering what the procedure is, if that’s legal or not legal?

ANSWER: I asked Longview’s environmental health manager about this, since her office is responsible for inspecting restaurants and other similarly permitted businesses and making sure they’re following all the rules.

Yes, restaurant workers should be wearing masks, and Leisha Kidd-Brooks, environmental health manager, said her office is enforcing that first with warnings followed by a citation for non-compliance.

Her office already began offering assistance to restaurants on this issue after the governor’s mandate was issued, and she said there haven’t really been any issues with compliance. Anyone with concerns may contact the environmental health office at or by calling (903) 237-1285.

She also asked customers to do their part as well by wearing masks, using the hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to each restaurant and keeping our hands away from our faces.

Q: What happened to New Life Baptist Church that used to be on Hawkins Parkway in Longview?

A: New Life Baptist Church has merged with Sovereign Life Fellowship, and the two congregations joined together at what was New Life’s home on Hawkins Parkway.

The Rev. Lucas Wood, one of the pastors of Sovereign Life Fellowship, told me that Sovereign Life had been meeting in the Hilton Garden Inn conference space for several years but began looking for a new location in 2019 to accommodate the church’s growth.

“After several conversations with New Life, they offered to let us use their fellowship hall to meet in beginning in January of 2020,” Wood said. “By February, the leadership of both congregations began discussing a possible merge that came to fruition in April.”

Q: Please help me contact Mr. Pool. who writes a column on Tuesday.

A: Frank Pool loves hearing from readers. You may contact him at .

Q: Does Longview have an indoor facility to walk dogs and people?

A: I’m sorry. I am not aware of a place where people and dogs can walk together indoors (but my husky and I sure would enjoy that).

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