QUESTION: There’s a chunk of the curb that has broken off on one of the streets in my neighborhood. Is that the kind of thing the city of Longview will fix if I report it?

ANSWER: Yes. As Public Works Director Dwayne Archer told me, curbs are a part of the street and, therefore, the city’s responsibility. (The city does not, however, maintain private streets, so if you live in a development with private streets you need to contact your homeowners association.)

“We prioritize jobs as they are requested. Jobs based on our schedule, workload, and the weather determine when we can complete repairs,” Archer said. “We try to address issues as soon as possible. If, for any reason, we have a big job scheduled that we cannot make repairs in a timely manner, we will contract some work.”

So, use City Send, a mobile report app you can find at, to report these kinds of problems and others, or submit your request at . You can also contact the city’s public works department at (903) 237-1240.

Q: I saw in a recent Longview ISD board agenda a discipline report that appeared to be presented by the charter school Texas Council of International Studies, which operates some LISD campuses However, the report also included the discipline report for another charter school operating in the district, East Texas Advanced Academies. Have those charter schools combined, or are there changes that have taken place in how they operate? Is TCIS taking over East Texas Advanced Academies?

A: No. District spokesman Matthew Prosser said there have been no management changes in those charter schools and no charges are planned.

The reports, he said, “were combined for the Board of Trustees’ convenience.”

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