The Longview Museum of Fine Arts’ latest exhibit features artwork from its permanent collection, which is displayed in different galleries throughout the museum.

“From the Vault: Selections from the Permanent Collection” will be on exhibit through Feb. 27 and includes artwork from different periods and geographic regions.

“This is the first time I can recall that the entire museum is displaying only permanent collections,” museum Executive Director Tiffany Jehorek said. “There are more than 110 of our pieces on display in every gallery.”

Jehorek said there are seven galleries in the museum, the largest being the main gallery and two side galleries.

“Almost everything in the main gallery is centered around art that was purchased in the 1960s,” she said. “But there are a few other pieces that are more current.”

Another gallery, Jehorek said, focuses on Black History Month and includes works by artists Charles Criner, Leamon Green and Frank Frazier.

“We put everything that we have up that we thought would honor Black History Month in the gallery,” she said. “There are four Black artists represented in our permanent collection and we have all of that work up; we have other works from a collection that aren’t created by Black artists, but they are about black culture, including photographs of famous black musicians or entertainers.”

In another gallery, museum visitors will find works by artists Picasso, Chagall and Salvador Dali.

“We also have this great Texas artist so I thought it would be a really fun juxtaposition of these famous artists,” Jehorek said. “So, we’ve got our Picassos up right next to our Lee Cunningham portrait. It’s a beautiful gallery.”

Jehorek said a lot of work goes into learning about the museum’s different exhibits.

“We have a small staff, and usually when we’re hosting temporary exhibits that come in, we’re working hard to learn about those exhibits and put educational information together about that art,” she said. “So this has allowed us to go in and research our permanent collection.”

Other art on display features works by Texas artists Charles Arnold, James Sullivan and Cecil Touchon.

Also included are landscapes by early Texas artists William Lester, Luis Eades, Bill Bristow and Dan Wingren, which portray juxtapositions of line, shape and color.

The museum’s next exhibits, the “61st Student Invitational” and “Kilgore College Rangerettes: Celebrating 80 Years,” open March 13.

Jehorek said the museum also offers schools virtual tours of its exhibits.

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