Pine Tree ISD’s Excellence Compelling Extraordinary Learners High School celebrated its graduation on Thursday.

While 20 students completed their coursework, ten graduated on Thursday. The remaining students opted to be part of the main high school’s ceremony in May.

Each student gave a short speech where they were asked to show gratitude to someone who helped them get to their graduation day.

According to its website, Pine Tree’s ExCEL High School has flexible scheduling and is designed to meet the needs of its students with web-based curriculum and certified teachers available to provide assistance.

Students who think ExCEL would be a good fit for them apply and go through an interview.

Principal Cleo Wadley previously told the News-Journal students apply to join ExCEL for many reasons.

“One is some students want a smaller environment in order to function,” he said. “We individualize the students’ learning so we have an environment that’s small, that’s intimate. The students know there’s a culture here of high achievement and safety, and to me, it’s not just about physical safety, but emotional safety.”

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