Bullard seniors participated in the annual Seniors Serving Seniors event Wednesday, where they helped clean a flower bed at the home of Bullard resident Greg Nordyke. According to Bullard engineering and robotics teacher Jennifer Smith, 16 teams participated in the community project.

While removing the roots of bushes in a flower bed with his classmates, Bullard High School senior Garrison Nichols learned more about the act of giving without asking for anything in return.

Nichols was among several Bullard senior students who participated in the school’s Seniors Serving Seniors program Wednesday, where the high school students volunteer at senior citizens’ residences to complete household projects.

Some of the students’ jobs included yard work, cleaning up flower beds, trimming trees or hauling off bulk trash.

“I like it because you get to get out of school and help someone that needs help,” he said. “It definitely makes you feel good.”

Nichols’ student team visited Greg Nordyke’s flower bed and pulled up the roots of bushes that died during the winter freeze in February.

Nordyke, a Bullard resident of 30 years, said the students’ help was a blessing to him.

“They came in this morning and in a hour and a half got done what would have taken me weeks to do,” Nordyke said. “I love Bullard. It’s such as great community with things like this.”

Nordyke applauded the students’ work ethic and efforts to help their local community.

“I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate the kids and the school system for allowing them to do this,” he said.

Jennifer Smith, engineering and robotics teacher, said the senior students come out to residences during their advisory period or study hall, known as Panther Time.

“I think it helps the students,” Smith said. “It makes you feel good when you help other people and (community service) teaches the importance of helping other people.”

Smith said Facebook posts were used to find senior citizens in the Bullard area that may need help.

At Bullard, students who show they’ve completed community service hours will get the opportunity for another cord to wear at the graduation ceremony, Smith said.

Smith explained the Seniors Serving Seniors program started three years ago, but the 2020 senior students weren’t able to participate due to COVID-19.

Nichols called his senior class being able to help the senior citizens this year a blessing, and he hopes the tradition continues.

“For the next class to take over our spot that would be absolutely amazing,” he said.

He encouraged students and others to keep paying acts of kindness forward.

Smith added that her son was involved in the first group of students, and she’s grateful to be at the school that celebrates helping those in need.

“It’s just a great way for us to give back to the community and it’s a great way for students to learn to give back,” Smith said. “It’s awesome to work for an administration that puts an emphasis on community service.”

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