Judson grant

Judson STEAM Academy Athletic Coordinator Brady Ross and girls Head Coach Jerelyn Maxey accept a $1,000 grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods Sports Matter on Dec. 6 at Judson STEAM Academy. Dick’s representatives Terrance Conner and Sally Lawler presented the check.

Coach Jerelyn Maxey said she believes early involvement in sports is key to a healthy lifestyle, passing classes and staying out of trouble.

Maxey, the head girls coach at Judson STEAM Academy, said an active lifestyle can help children have a healthy heart, endurance and more energy.

In an effort to try to encourage more young students to participate in sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods awarded Judson STEAM Academy with a $1,000 Sports Matter grant.

Athletic Coordinator Brady Ross said the school did not apply for the grant. While he is not sure how the campus was selected, he said he is still grateful.

“We just want to express our appreciation to Dick’s Sporting Goods for choosing us to get the $1,000,” he said. “We get to spend it and our kids get to enjoy the benefit of that.”

According to its website, the Sports Matter foundation aims to help increase youth participation in sports in communities.

Ross said the bought a new basketball scorekeeper’s table with the funds.

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