The Educational Results Partnership named its Honor Roll schools and districts, with one local school district getting a district honor and multiple local schools making the list.

The Educational Results Partnership is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve student outcome and career readiness in schools, according to its website.

The Honor Roll distinction is awarded to schools that have demonstrated consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time, and a reduction in achievement gaps among student populations, according to the Educational Results Partnership.

Hallsville Independent School District was named one of six Honor Roll districts in the state.

Superintendent Jeffrey Collum said all the credit goes to the teachers, staff and students.

"It’s the result of their hard work," he said. "The hard work paid off once again for Hallsville."

According to a letter sent to Hallsville from Educational Results Partnership, the organization evaluates evidence-based instructional practices, a defined system-wide mission of college and career readiness for all students, an investment in human capital, maintenance of data and assessment systems to monitor school and student performance, resources and guidance to support schools’ efforts in preparing all students for college and career.

Collum said a combination of Career Technology Education with college preparatory classes helped make Hallsville distinguished as a district, versus campus.

"Our CTE programs do an incredible job and I think our health science classes and all our college preparatory classes help our students," he said. "Partner those two together, you can see the results."

Other campuses in the area to receive the Honor Roll distinction are Beckville Sunset Elementary, Harleton Elementary, Hudson PEP Elementary, Mt. Enterprise Elementary, Sabine Middle School, Spring Hill Junior High and Union Grove Junior High.

Sue Wilson, Hudson PEP Elementary School principal, said the distinction recognizes the school teaching at a high rigor and student growth.

"We teach to the whole child. We don’t focus just on academics, we focus on making sure they understand we’re part of a community and giving back," she said. "In addition to that, we have a strong discipline program where we make sure that children care about each other through respect. If children and adults respect each other, there is a culture and climate where people can feel safe."

Traci Jones, Harelton Elementary School principal, said the distinction is a result of the work her teachers put in.

Jones said the teachers on the elementary campus pay attention to the students’ needs.

"I am super excited for our students and our teachers to receive this honor," she said. "They work so hard to make sure every child gets equal access to learning."