My name is: Tracie Karl

I volunteer at: Regard4Life Animal Rescue

I have volunteered there since: 2014

My duties there include: Creating medical folders for each dog in the rescue, fostering, transporting and seeking new fosters. Vaccinating and scheduling for spay/neuter surgeries for the dogs. I also work most of our adoption events. I will help wherever I am needed.

The people who benefit from this are: Those that want to make a difference in our community by fostering a dog in need or volunteering. Also, the people who are looking for a new pet. We try to find the perfect fit for the adopters and the dog.

I volunteer there because: My passion from as far back as I can recall has been for animals, especially dogs. In 2013, I had the opportunity to foster a dog for a very short time until the adopter could get into town. It was a two-night stay. This is all it took. I was hooked! Knowing that I could make a difference by fostering just one dog, I jumped in the deep end. I work with the dogs to help them transition to a new environment, overcome fears, create a loving home setting for them and let them learn to play with other dogs. Getting a dog to completely trust humans again is the most rewarding aspect of rescue for me. I am now on my 85th dog, and I will not stop.

My hometown is: Longview

I live in: Longview

I work at/my profession is: I have worked for TDI Air conditioning for 29 years.

My hobbies include: Traveling, rescuing dogs, reading, visiting with my grandchildren, antiquing, spending time with my family.

My family members are: My husband, Andrew; my daughter, Kerry

I would encourage people to volunteer because: It will change your life. Our community needs more fosters for all of the unwanted and neglected animals. We, as a group of rescuers, need to have a louder voice. The more volunteers/fosters we have, the more lives we can save. Your rescue efforts can possibly educate more people about the importance of spay and neutering.

Upcoming activities at this organization or about incoming events: We sincerely hope to be having events again soon at Petsmart. Once the cases of COVID-19 reach a safe level, we will be there every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In the meantime, visit and for information about our fostered dogs and Regard4Life Animal Rescue.