My name is: Ron Hefley

I volunteer at: Historic Longview Farmers Market, which is a project of Preservation Longview

I have volunteered there since: 2012

My duties there include: Set up and open the market every Saturday; place vendors as they arrive and post all social media on Facebook and Instagram; and make sure the vendors have what they need to sell their products.

The people who benefit from this are: Independent local farmers and vendors along with customers in our community

I volunteer there because: Our community needs to have access to local produce and products. People have a right to know where their food is grown and made.

I also volunteer at: Preservation Longview as vice president

My hometown is: Wills Point near Canton

I live in: East Longview

I have lived there since: 1991

My profession is: I own and operate Red Door Consignment on High Street

My hobbies include: Watching movies and helping other organizations as time permits

My family members are: My mother, Kathy, and step-father, Don

I would encourage people to volunteer because: There is no better feeling than making a difference in other people’s lives in a community. Anyone who is able should volunteer, not for themselves but for others.

Upcoming activities at this organization or about this upcoming event: The market is open every Saturday (from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. at High and Cotton streets) through the fall. All workers there are volunteers.