Patti Coleman

Patti Coleman volunteers with Family Promise of Longview.

My name is: Patti Coleman

I volunteer at: Family Promise of Longview

I have volunteered there since: 2009

My duties there include: I serve as coordinator for Family Promise at Fellowship Bible Church, am a former board member and host church recruitment.

The people who benefit from this are: The families with children in our community who are experiencing homelessness. They are provided safe housing and healthy meals while working and training toward becoming self-sufficient.

I volunteer there because: I have seen how this program makes a difference in the lives of those who stay the course. Seeing the joy and satisfaction on the faces of those who have completed the program and have found permanent housing is such a thrill. I love showing hospitality to the families we serve by spending time with them over meals and playtime with the children.

I also volunteer at: Our church and our son’s school

My hometown is: Longview

I live in: Longview

I have lived there since: All my life — except for college years

I work at/My profession is: I am bookkeeper for Integrity Furniture. I previously worked as a math teacher, coach and athletic director at Christian Heritage School.

My hobbies include: Playing with my grandkids, reading, being outdoors

My family members are: husband, Dirk; son, Clay, and his wife Catherine (grandchildren Callie and Caleb); daughter, Kate, and her husband, Jeff (grandchildren Reed and Luke); and son Carson, 14

I would encourage people to volunteer because: Even though the need seems overwhelming, if we work together,with each playing a part in helping those in our community who most need the help. We can make a difference.

Upcoming activities at this organization or about this upcoming event: Family Promise is in need of more funding to continue to serve families. Please reference for information.