ODESSA — The annual meeting of the Grapevine-based Southern Baptists of Texas Convention will be Oct. 28-29 in Odessa, with a total attendance of more than 1,000 people from around the state expected.

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s latest scandal claimed its first victim as Pope Francis’ chief bodyguard resigned over the leak of a Vatican police flyer identifying five employees who were suspended as part of a financial investigation.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis urged South American bishops this week to speak “courageously” at a high-profile meeting on the Amazon, where the shortage of priests is so acute that the Vatican is considering ordaining married men and giving women official church ministries.

As the threat of impeachment looms, President Donald Trump is digging in and taking solace in the base that helped him get elected: conservative evangelical Christians who laud his commitment to enacting their agenda.

I was talking with a Christian brother the other day about how it seems that many people are living in sadness and discouragement, when suddenly he made a comment that really caused me to think.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis met privately this week with an American Jesuit who has been attacked by conservative U.S. Catholics for reaching out to gays, the latest evidence of Francis’ willingness to shrug off right-wing criticism for the sake of his pastoral priorities.

“The future belongs to people who believe in something beyond themselves, and who live and sacrifice accordingly. It belongs to people who think and hope inter-generationally.”

OKLAHOMA CITY — Separate internal audits of the Roman Catholic dioceses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa =identified nearly two dozen clerics for whom investigators found substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of children.

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A federal judge is questioning the University of Iowa’s decision to deregister dozens of student organizations after a lawsuit by a Christian student group that accused university officials of discrimination.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Wednesday the faith will allow women to be official “witnesses” at two key ceremonies where they were previously only allowed to observe, marking the latest small step toward breaking down rigid gender roles in the religion.

VATICAN CITY — Vatican police seized documents and electronics during searches Tuesday of the Holy See’s secretariat of state and financial watchdog agency after receiving official complaints about “past financial operations,” officials said.

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump said at the United Nations this week that “protecting religious freedom is one of my highest priorities.” But his promise rings hollow to advocates for persecuted religious minorities seeking refuge in the United States.

More than half a million students across the United States are expected to  participate in the sixth annual Bring Your Bible to School movement Thursday.

OAK GROVE, Mo. (AP) — A nonprofit group that advocates for the separation of church and state alleges that a Missouri school district on the outskirts of Kansas City is forcing religion on students and threatened to sue if it didn't stop.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A battle over a Bible on display at New Hampshire's veterans hospital was the focus of a federal court hearing Wednesday, with lawyers for the government arguing that a lawsuit demanding its removal should be dismissed because the Air Force veteran who filed it hasn't sh…

The United Methodist Church’s deadline for petitions for its next global meeting passed Wednesday, setting the terms for a final reckoning with LGBTQ issues that have divided the denomination for more than 40 years.

God’s written word never ceases to be relevant. I encountered this truth first-hand while preparing my sermon on Matthew 25:31-46. This passage depicts Christ as both judge and king who separates the sheep from the goats. The sheep are placed on the right, signifying their righteousness. The goats are moved to the left, signaling their condemnation.

In Virginia, Charlottesville’s Confederate monuments played many roles in recent years: the epicenter of a legal and cultural battle over what should count as cherished history, the rallying spot for murderous white supremacists, the touchstone of a painful national reckoning with America’s …