Jennifer Payne

Jennifer Payne has volunteered with the East Texas Literacy Council since 2017.

My name is: Jennifer Payne

I volunteer at: East Texas Literacy Council

I have volunteered there since: May 2017

My duties there include: Tutoring in English and other subjects as needed

The people who benefit from this are: People of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, who are interested in learning and continuing to grow their education

I volunteer there because: Volunteering is such a two-way giving process. I learn as much from my students as I teach them. All of my students have such a deep desire to learn and to grow their lives into fuller and more rewarding places. Continuing education is one way to achieve this goal. ETLC offers a place to connect people who care about others with those who are actively seeking help in their lives.

I also volunteer at: I have sung for many years with the East Texas Community Chorus, which is now the Longview Civic Chorus.

My hometown is: My family is from Nacogdoches.

I live in: Kilgore

I have lived there since: 2009

I work at/My profession is: Austin Bank, technology department

My hobbies include: Hiking, birding (especially owls), reading, writing poetry, music/singing, and gardening

I would encourage people to volunteer because: Volunteering doesn’t just double the gift of the information and knowledge given but grows it like a tree, exponentially giving as multiple lives are touched and branch out with the one starting connection.

Upcoming activities at this organization or about this upcoming event: The East Texas Literacy Council is getting ready for tutor training from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 14. Please call, (903) 757-9302 for more information.