A Gladewater man has been sentenced to two life sentences and 20 years in prison for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and one of her sons and for shooting and injuring another of her sons earlier this year in Upshur County.

Joseph Lee Adkins, 54, on Tuesday morning received life sentences for each of two capital murder charges and 20 years on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, according to information released by Upshur County District Attorney Billy Byrd. The sentences will be served concurrently.

Byrd said Adkins pleaded guilty to fatally shooting Lisa and Dylan Moore and to shooting Kyle Moore, who survived.

Upshur County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched on the morning of May 6 to a home in the 1000 block of PR 1999 in the Union Grove area in response to a call about a shooting. Upon arrival, deputies found Lisa and Dylan Moore had been fatally shot and that Kyle had been injured, according to Upshur County Sheriff Larry Webb.

Byrd said Tuesday that Kyle Moore had been able to crawl with his injuries to a phone that morning to dial 911 and describe what had happened to dispatchers.

Kyle Moore woke up to find Adkins shooting him, Byrd said. He was taken to a Longview hospital and was later able to assist investigators.

Byrd said Adkins had gone from Longview to Moore’s home that morning, shot them and then headed back to Longview, where he was later taken into custody by Longview police.

“The murder weapon was found in his pocket,” Byrd wrote in a written statement.

Adkins was charged with capital murder because two people were killed, according to Webb. Investigators said at the time they suspected the homicides were connected to an ongoing domestic dispute between Adkins and the victims.