Irene Gakwa

Irene Gakwa was last seen on Feb. 24. Anyone with information on her disappearance is asked to contact the Gillette Police Department.

Gillette police are looking for a woman missing “under suspicious circumstances” for nearly a month. They are asking the public for help in the search.

Irene Gakwa was last seen on Feb. 24 in a video call with her parents, according to a statement from the Gillette Police Department. A post on the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation’s missing persons page says she was last heard from on March 4 in Gillette.

She was reported missing on March 20.

Gakwa is a 32-year-old Black woman described as 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weighing around 89 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

According to police, she had been living with a man in Gillette until her disappearance. The man is reportedly not cooperating with investigators and is considered a person of interest in the case.

Police say they received a tip that Gakwa may have been taken to a mine site, oil and gas location or other rural area in a car or crossover SUV between Feb. 24 and March 20.

Digital evidence and location data is being used to try to locate her, police said, and “has provided positive leads.”

According to DCI, “her phone is currently not pinging on the network.”

Investigators have conducted interviews with Gakwa’s friends and associates, a statement Thursday said, and have executed 24 search warrants for her.

“We receive tips daily, and are following up on those and processing data from search warrant returns,” said Lt. Brent Wasson on Friday.

Anyone with information related to Gakwa’s disappearance, or about any suspicious activity in the area, should contact the Gillette Police Department at (307) 682-5155.

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