From Staff Reports

The skyline of downtown Longview started taking on a new look Friday as a crew with a crane took on the city’s tallest building.

Workers removed the Citizens National Bank sign from the VeraBank Building, formerly known as the Kilpatrick Life Insurance Building, at 200 N. Fredonia St. in Longview.

At 10 stories, the building is Longview’s tallest downtown structure, and Brad Tidwell, president and CEO of VeraBank, said the new signs identifying the building as VeraBank are due to go up in the next few days, perhaps by Monday.

The bank changed its name Jan. 22 from Citizens National Bank to VeraBank because of growth, Tidwell said at the time. He said as Citizens grew into new markets, it was bumping up against like-named banks, so it sought a name that was identifiable.

Signs on the VeraBank Building weren’t the only view that changed Friday. A crew also removed at least one of the microwave towers that had stood atop the edifice.