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Sept. 19, 2010 at 6 p.m.

Cases disposed from Sept. 6 to Sept. 10 in Gregg County Civil Court.

Cases that end in an "A" were considered in the 188th District Court; "B" in the 124th District Court; and ""CCL2" in the County Court of Law 2.

■ 98-1531-B3 Vickie Looman, individually and as the personal representative the heirs of the estate of Robert Looman v. Newco Ohio Brass, damages, dismissed

■ 98-1531-B4 Vickie Looman, individually and as the personal representative the heirs of the estate of Robert Looman v. Summitville Tiles, damages, dismissed

■ 98-1531-B5 Vickie Looman, individually and as the personal representative the heirs of the estate of Robert Looman v. Eljer Plumbingware, damages, dismissed

■ 98-1531-B6 Vickie Looman, individually and as the personal representative the heirs of the estate of Robert Looman v. Dal-Tile, damages, dismissed

■ 98-1531-B7 Vickie Looman, individually and as the personal representative the heirs of the estate of Robert Looman v. Cr/PI, successor in interest to Universal Rundle, damages, dismissed

■ 98-2220-B1 Felesia Ford, individually and as representative of the estate of Isis Ford and as next friend of Dacorris Ford, a minor v. Overhead Door, damages, dismissed

■ 98-2220-B2 Sears Roebuck v. Vera Ford, damages, dismissed

■ 2002-1925-B Brigitte Kock, individually and as next friend of Nathan Kock, a minor v. Francis Samuel Hamilton. individually and doing business as Hamilton Realty of Longview, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2009-2465-A CACH v. David Segovia, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2010-180-A JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Nicholas Bassinger, suit of sequestration, dismissed

■ 2010-723-A Discover Bank v. Juan Torres, breach of contract, default judgment

■ 2010-1744-A in re: John Ellis, occupational licenses, final judgment

■ 2010-1926-A ex parte v. Jerry Mason Hays, occupational license, final judgment

■ 2000-1668-CCL2 Tri-State Driver Training v. H.W. Smith, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2002-2006-CCL2 Carolyn Edwards v. Coldwell Banker/Lenhart Properties, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages, dismissed

■ 2003-777-CCL2-1 Rebecca Garnier v. The Med-Shop Total Care, damages, dismissed

■ 2003-1222-CCL2 Alma L. Steelman v. Union Carbide, damages, dismissed

■ 2003-1324-CCL2 Shana Pritchett v. Lifecare Home Nursing, personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2003-1352-CCL2 Stanley McMillan v. Linda Boyd, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2003-1492-CCL2 V&V Marine Products v. Nichols Marine of Texas doing business as Longview Marine and James Bridges, damages, dismissed

■ 2003-1492-CCL2-1 James Bridges v. Nichols Marine of Longview and Gary Nichols, damages, dismissed

■ 2003-1693-CCL2 JPMorgan Chase Bank financially known as Chase Manhattan Mortgage v. Randy White, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2003-2891-CCL2 Johnny Stafford v. East Texas Against Lawsuit Abuse, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-50-CCL2 Michael A. Hedges, v. Michael Wellman, agreement, dismissed

■ 2004-101-CCL2 Fourth Street Real Estate v. Realworld Projects, declaratory judgment, dismissed

■ 2004-129-CCL2 Bank of America v. Dorothy S. Hogan, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2004-235-CCL2 Clay Saul v. Tyron Water Supply, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages, dismissed

■ 2004-425-CCL2 United Credit Management v. Salinia G. Miller, agreement, dismissed

■ 2004-529-CCL2 Frost National Bank v. Ronny B. Rogers, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2004-556-CCL2 Luis Gallegos v. Randall Alan Harley, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-622-CCL2 Allen and Vera Walker v. Glenn Ross, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-732-CCL2 Roland Pugh v. Pharmacia, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-737-CCL2 Cassity Jones 401-K Plan v. Torre T. Chism, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2004-919-CCL2 Abinaya Khatry and all other occupants of No. 3 Misty Glen, Longview Texas v. Banc One National Association financially known as the First National Bank of Chicago trustee, injunction, dismissed

■ 2004-972-CCL2 Blaire Alexis and Steven Holderby v. Robert Thomas Smith and Quality Signs doing business as Quality Sign, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-1063-CCL2 Whsystems v. J.T. Mase & Co. also known as J.T. Mase Construction, breach of contrct, dismissed

■ 2004-1574-CCL2 Guadalupe Gutierrez, individually and next friend for Juan Deleon, a minor v. Heather Lane Mowery, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2004-1670-CCL2 Green Tree Servicing v. Thomas K. and Carole L. Ivey, agreement, dismissed

■ 2004-1707-CCL2 Credigy Receivables v. Jerry E. Humphries, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2004-1726-CCL2 Jacqueline Calahan v. Daniel C. Shanklin, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-1894-CCL2 Bureaus Investment Group No. 5 as assignee of Chase Manhattan Bank v. Dan L. and Betty S. Ludiker, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2004-1913-CCL2 American General Auto Finance v. Urico and Kim Chism, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2004-2165-CCL2 Citizens Bank v. Eric W. Reece, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2004-2174-CCL2 Tempest Recovery Services v. Luzora Luce Dupuy, also known as Luzora Dupuy, agreement, dismissed

■ 2004-2307-CCL2 Tri-State Semi-Driver Training v. Scott Williams, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2004-2384-CCL2 in re: Kathleen Hering, civil case, dismissed

■ 2004-2402-CCL2 Phyllis Yvette Stoker v. Jesse Doyle Capes, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-2447-CCL2-A Brian Keith Rose v. Cathy Marie Smith, damages, dismissed

■ 2004-2536-CCL2 Bayview Loan Servicing v. Gary Peek, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2004-2586-CCL2 Citifinancial v. Shirley C. Jackson, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2004-2663-CCL2 SBC Smart Yellow Page financially known as Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages v. Eugene J. Wilkes doing business as Better Lock and Key Service, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2005-6-CCL2-A Krystal Johnson v. Progressive County Mutual Insurance, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2005-145-CCL2 Honey Stop Food Marts v. David Kaufman, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-190-CCL2 Amanda Spikes v. Oak Pines doing business as Pine Tree Lodge Nursing Center, damages, dismissed

■ 2005-301-CCL2 James Thompson and Billie Thompson v. Robert Mackey, auto personal injury/damages, final judgment

■ 2005-638-CCL2 Asset Acceptance v. Don Degeurin, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-819-CCL2 in the matter of Richard Christopher Duckworth, suit to perpetuate testimony, dismissed

■ 2005-1038-CCL2 Citifinancial Mortgage v. Gregory S. Thompson, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2005-1079-CCL2 Frank Keathley doing business as Top Shelf Antiques v. Dale and Mike Jordan, agreement, dismissed

■ 2005-1111-CCL2 Randal Klepfer v. C&M Transport, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2005-1116-CCL2 Asset Acceptance v. Shirley J. Menefee, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2005-1149-CCL2 Transit Mix Concrete & Materials v. Wanda Griffith individually and doing business as The Colonnade Restaurant, damages, dismissed

■ 2005-1207-CCL2 Harold L. Bolnick M.D. and Clinical Partners v. Paul Gerdes and Clinical Partners, declaratory judgment, dismissed

■ 2005-1327-CCL2 Gladewater Economic Development v. Don Maxwell Aviation Services, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2005-1438-CCL2 Credigy Receivables v. Charles Klinke Jr., suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-1538-CCL2 Leasetrack v. Trey J. Inc. Nell Wasburn and T.J. Washburne, foreign judgment, dismissed

■ 2005-1586-CCL2 B.I.G. Portfolio No. 4 v. Michael J. Riner, agreement, dismissed

■ 2005-1643-CCL2 Gail Mumphrey, individually and as next friend of Andria Miller, a minor v. Shay K. Cherry, individually and doing business as Cherry Tree Learning Academy, damages, default judgment

■ 2005-1648-CCL2 CACV of Colorado v. L.A. Humphrey also known as Larry Humphrey, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-1782-CCL2 Arthur R. Thurman v. Baron A. Marshall, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2005-1862-CCL2 The City of Longview Texas v. Thonda K. Coley, Longview Video Zone and Buddy Robinson, injunction, dismissed

■ 2005-1830-CCL2 The Education Resources Institute v. Kevin L. McNabb, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2005-1897-CCL2 Cassity Jones I doing business as Cassity Jones Lumber v. HDH Trailers, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-2066-CCL2 The First National Bank of Hughes Springs v. James R. Cook Jr., foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2005-2217-CCL2 in re: order for foreclosure concerning Lesia Blake, temporary administrator of the estate of Laura Mae Hart, deceased and 1403 Ray, Longview TX 75603, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2005-2365-CCL2 Great Seneca Financial assignee of Mitsubishi v. Debbie Godwin, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-2367-CCL2 Nationwide Life Insurance v. Amet Mena, lease agreement, dismissed

■ 2005-2397-CCL2 Oliphant Financial v. Alejandra M. Reyes, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-2549-CCL2 Brett Hill and Donna Hill v. David G. Nicholson and Rosilee Nicholson, foreign judgment, dismissed

■ 2005-2568-CCL2 James Reynold doing business as Reynolds Bookkeeping and Tax Services v. Jeremy Newlin, injunction, dismissed

■ 2005-2715-CCL2 Discover Bank v. Donald R. Fortenberry, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2005-2723-CCL2 Tom Bell doing business as Kirby Restaurant Supply v. Kumrie Kaba individually and doing business ad Michael's Italian Kitchen, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2005-2795-CCL2 Makita U.S.A. v. Troy Morgan Jr. doing business as Morgan Power Saw, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-104-CCL2 Robert D. Whipkey v. Jordan R. Moore, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-292-CCL2 in re: order for foreclosure concerning Jerlene P. Washington and 906 S. 13th St., Longview Texas 75602, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2006-295-CCL2 Verna J. Ezernack, v. Sysco Food Services of Dallas, bill of review, dismissed

■ 2006-305-CCL2 Mike Bishop, individually and as next friend for Mary Bishop, a minor v. Bradley J. Jackson and Fitzgerald Small, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-535-CCL2 Palisades Collection assignee of AT&T v. Anthony Williams, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-539-CCL2 Palisades Collection assignee of AT&T v. Earlene Tolbert, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-616-CCL2 Jimmy Golden v. Larry Dean Hass, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-665-CCL2 Great Seneca Financial v. Maria Guzman, suit on note, dismissed

■ 2006-751-CCL2 LVNV Funding, assignee of Sears v. Tharesa J. Warren, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-754-CCL2 GE Money Bank v. Carey R. Williams, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1103-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Anthony D. Gilliam, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1126-CCL2 Palisades Acquisition V, assignee of Chase Manhattan Bank v. Michael B. Summerford, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1161-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Edmund Jones, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1213-CCL2 White Oak State Bank v. Selwyn Broughton, suit of sequestration, dismissed

■ 2006-1226-CCL2 Save Plus v. Chandra Roney, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1246-CCL2 Cammie Reedy v. Homestate County Mutual Insurance Safeco, damages, dismissed

■ 2006-1256-CCL2 EMC Mortgage v. Royce Rieke, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2006-1274-CCL2 United Standard Insurance v. District Attorney for Gregg County, petition to conduct deposition under Rule 202, dismissed

■ 2006-1289-CCL2 Atlantic Credit and Finance v. Dario Lara, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1381-CCL2 Ron Rosser v. Luke Casey and Jeremy Norton, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2006-1430-CCL2 Direct Electric Supply v. Jerel Shivers, individually and doing business as Shivers Co. and Electric, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1494-CCL2 Arrow Financial Services v. Gregory R. Peeler, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1631-CCL2 MBNA America Bank v. Bart L. Hooker, arbitration, dismissed

■ 2006-1892-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Wade A. Robertson, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1895-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Judy Voss, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-1918-CCL2 Southwest Steel Casting v. Bobby Johnson, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2006-2061-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Kimberly Usher, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2073-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Phillip Lane, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2150-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Don L. Fay, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2153-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Joshua Wade, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2154-CCl2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. John Sherow, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2161-CCL2 Palisades Collection v. Jeanine B. Preston, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2216-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Jose Garcia, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2219-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Yvette Imhoof, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2322-CCL2 Bank of America v. Pamela G. Donner and Joel D. Donner, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2349-CCL2 Palisades Collection, assignee of AT&T v. Kayla Bowman, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2365-CCL2 Affinity Federal Credit Union v. Werner A. Zukowski, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2006-2377-CCL2 Robert Neil Grubb v. Denis Ellen McQuigg, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-2397-CCL2 Buster Jackson v. Coby L. Lewis, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-2450-CCL2 Cavalier Growth and Income Fund II, assignee of Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia v. Era M. Butler, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2006-2495-CCL2 Ruth Brown Mayfield and Calvin Mayfield v. American Agencies General Agency, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2006-2513-CCL2 EMC Mortgage as attorney-in-fact for Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Jerlene P. Washington, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2006-2546-CCL2 Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance v. Mark W. Coffman, suit on security agreement, dismissed

■ 2006-2569-CCL2 White Oak State Bank v. Stephen K. Hill, writ of sequestration, dismissed

■ 2006-2664-CCL2 Target National Bank financially known as Retailers National Bank v. Stephanie L. Webb, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2953-CCL2 Unifund CCR Partners v. Dora Thompson, suit on account, dismissed

■ 2006-2969-CCL2 EMC Mortgage as servicer-in-fact v. Royce Rieke, foreclosure of lien, dismissed

■ 2006-3001-CCl2 Big D Hazmat v. Carlos Diaz and Anna Diaz, breach of contract, dismissed

■ 2006-3012-CCL2 in the matter of Carolyn R. Moore, victim of identity theft, application identity theft, dismissed

■ 2009-1249-CCL2 Lavora Clough v. STEMCO, damages, dismissed

■ 2009-1815-CCL2 Donald A. Byrd v. Kevin B. Farrar, auto personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2009-2201-CCL2 Mary Parham and Robert Parham v. Ellis Pottery, personal injury/damages, dismissed

■ 2009-2681-CCL2 Monumental Life Insurance v. Kendrick Miller, interpleaders, agreed judgment

■ 2010-1296-CCL2 The State of Texas v. Tony Theodore Lange, Janice Chamblee, doing business as A-K-A Bail Bonds, bond forfeiture-defendant, default judgment

■ 2010-1321-CCL2 Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Bart Malone, breach of contract, default judgment

■ 2010-1533-CCL2 in re: Gilbert Bishop, foreclosure of lien, final judgment

■ 17619-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Ted Wayne Johnson, tax suit, default judgment

■ 18541-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Tim Kelley, tax suit, default judgment

■ 18767-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Donnie Lynn Leach, tax suit, dismissed

■ 18932-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Rhea Ann Jordan, tax suit, default judgment

■ 19009-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Wayne Harris, tax suit, default judgment

■ 19010-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Edward G. King, tax suit, default judgment



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