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Letters on LISD bond spending, immigration laws, and war

Dec. 22, 2011 at 11 p.m.

<strong>Lost bridge of trust</strong>

I've been reading about the fiasco with parking/bleachers (news stories Wednesday, Thursday). The item that caught my attention was: "In September 2009, Superintendent James Wilcox said the district would devote any unused bond funds - then estimated at about $5 million - back to taxpayers and not use it to pay for extras. Two years and a month later, Longview ISD trustees voted 6-1 to use nearly $10 million in unused bond funds to pay for building renovations."

I am disappointed on several levels but will at least provide a different perspective. Since you voted to counter a promise made two years earlier, what chance is there that I can trust anything you say in the future?

You made a promise that day and now you have broken that promise. I know that there are people of integrity within LISD management and trustees, so what happened? Was the discussion "since we have extra money we should spend it" or "these renovations are really necessary but we forgot to include them in the bond proposal" or what?

I now have to watch what you do more closely since you have blown up the bridge of trust.

<em>- Travis Mileur, Longview</em>


<strong>Go, Bachmann and Brewer</strong>

Just the fact that Michele Bachmann supports the Arizona law about immigration makes me want to vote for her for president. We should call the state of Texas "Texico" because the Mexicans have more privileges than we do.

You can't pick up a package in any store that is only in English. It has the Spanish instructions as well. You can't call any company that gives you the English without giving you the Spanish version. Try going to the health clinic and see how many Spanish children are there for free care. Then ask how many are here legally.

You go Jan Brewer. I wish we had a governor who felt the same way you do.

<em>- Betty Phillips, Kilgore</em>


<strong>War and insanity</strong>

It is hard to believe after the recent disengagement from the Iraq war with the withdrawal of most of our troops, we have some of the same pundits and politicians clamoring for war with Iran. Remember the justification of war in Iraq was its possession of weapons of mass destruction, and none were ever found. We are still engaged in a war in Afghanistan with mixed results.

The argument for the use of force against Iran is that they may acquire nukes and threaten our ally Israel. Israel is rumored to have over 300 nukes and three submarines capable of launching nuclear weapons. The argument is also put forth that if Iran acquired nukes, the Middle East will be destabilized. Does anyone seriously believe with what is going on in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Israel that the Middle East is close to stable now?

I believe Ron Paul is the only candidate taking a realistic approach to our foreign policy and debt, and he is being attacked for being naive, etc. Remember when the Iraqi oil was supposed to cover the cost of that war? It didn't. The definition of sanity is said to be repeating the same behavior and hoping for a different result. I hope we don't justify that definition.

<em>- Jerry King, Longview</em>



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