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Jose Sanchez, Attorney at Law

By STORY BY Ashley Green
Feb. 22, 2011 at 9:21 a.m.

<em>Born in Mexico City in 1975, Sanchez, his mother, and four younger siblings, came to Longview in 1981 as an immigrant family. "My father worked in Gilmer at a dairy, and in 1981 we came to America to be with him, and live the American dream."</em>

    Sanchez became a legal resident in 1988, and a U.S. citizen in 2003. He graduated from Spring Hill High School in 1994 as the Salutatorian, and received his bachelor's degree from Texas A&M in 1998. After attending Texas Tech Law School, where he received his doctorate of jurisprudence (J.D.) in 2001, Sanchez returned to Longview, and worked at several area law firms, until opening his own firm in 2005. He's been helping the community ever since. 

<strong>A Day in His Shoes:</strong>

<em>6:30 AM</em>

Wakes up at his Spring Hill home and works out for an hour and a half.

"I enjoy working out, playing sports, and running marathons," Sanchez said. "I try to stay active, and I'm a big sports fan.  I try to make every Cowboys game."

<em>8 AM</em>

Arrives at work – Jose Sanchez Law Firm, PC – a beautiful business, featuring Spanish-style architecture, at 507 North Green St. in Longview.

<em>9 AM</em>

His first appointment of the day. Sanchez sees clients throughout the day, almost every thirty minutes. 


Breaks for lunch.

<em>1 PM</em>

Back in the office for client counseling, or in court for hearings.

<em>7 PM</em>

Leaves the office to attend activities, or organization meetings.

"I started a LULAC (League of Latin American Citizens) chapter here, and I'm on different boards. I also do a lot of public speaking to civic groups, about the growing Hispanic community in East Texas, and the marketing aspect of that changing demographic. I also help with Junior Achievement, and speak at many schools about doing something good with your life, and being a positive role model."

<em>On the Weekends:</em>

"I'm usually out-of-town on the weekends, for both work and pleasure. I travel to see friends who live throughout the state, and I help the immigrant community on a national level. Last year, I traveled to numerous cities (Phoenix, Miami, Washington and Vegas) to help with immigration marches, by educating the community about the positive attributes that immigrants bring to the U.S., and also to educate the immigrant community about the importance of learning to speak English, becoming part of American society and being responsible for themselves."

<strong>Not Your Typical Lawyer</strong>

This single, 35-year-old lawyer, specializing in immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, and civil litigation law, spends every day of his life helping others. Whether it's in the courtroom, at an immigrant march, speaking, or spending time with family.  

"I'm most passionate about helping people. I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to help change someone's life, whether it's winning a million-dollar case against an insurance company, or helping someone become a U.S. citizen. Winning a case is a feeling you can't buy. Your client is happy, and that makes all the hard work and long hours, worth it."  

<strong>Quotes He Lives By:</strong>

    "It's better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees." ~ Emiliano Zapata.

    "I'm always making sure my voice is heard, and I also want to make sure other people's voices are heard."

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    "That's not just part of being a lawyer, but part of being a human. Sometimes you have to stand up for what's right, even though it's not the popular thing to do. I try to live my life as a person, as well as an attorney, by those two quotes."

<strong>Personal Goal:</strong>

    "Everyone wants to leave a legacy. I hope mine would be in education, because that's most important to me. One day I'd like a school named after me, not because I gave them money, but because of my contributions to helping those in this area, or anywhere God sends me."



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