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Letters on red-light cameras, school lunch and texting

Jan. 4, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Stop or pay

There have been several letters lately regarding red-light cameras in Longview. It seems to me the only reason someone would want them removed is so they can run the light with no fear of getting a ticket. Since the cameras were installed, I can definitely tell the difference in people's driving habits. When the light changes to yellow, people find the brake pedal instead of the gas pedal.

As for the city getting none of the revenue from the citations, this is absurd. Our mayor and city council were not doing their job when they negotiated this deal.

The cameras definitely cut down on accidents. Keep the cameras but renegotiate the contract with the provider.

For those of you who have received citations: Pay your ticket and quit whining.

Robert Crawley, Longview

About those lunches

In response to "Leave Those Kids Alone" (letters, Sunday), I think the main objective of First Lady Michelle Obama in championing the fight to improve the quality of food served in our schools was sorely missed. One needs only to watch the videos "Two Angry Moms," "Supersize Me," or even Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" on TV to see examples of unhealthy lunches served in many schools and the perilous struggle between limited school budgets and availability of cheap, although many times nutritionally inferior foods.

Children do not know what is best for them to eat; unfortunately neither do many parents. Literature on nutritional goals can be found on the Internet, in health food and book stores and in local newspapers. While our kids are at school learning, it is important they not only feed their minds but also their bodies with foods that promote better eyesight, stimulate neurons for learning retention, fortify bones and muscles and re-energize systems for alertness and agility. Sadly, foods laden with high-fructose corn syrup, artificially processed and partially-hydrogenated components will not achieve that objective. Pushing diets that are unbalanced with less meat and bread and more fresh fruits and vegetables should not take an act of Congress to achieve, but sadly it may be the only way to advocate for them.

Leslie Harold, Longview

Texting to death

Phone texting has become a gold mine for the cell phone companies. People can't put it down five minutes. People walking and texting have fallen in holes, off curbs and right in front of a moving car. This problem is getting out of control with driving - period. Insurance companies should take heed. If someone is in a car driving and causes an accident, he is liable for injuries. It's simple to get phone records to prove their case.

The texter, the text receiver and the cell phone company would be liable in civil and/or possibly criminal charges.

Joseph Brookshire, Longview



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