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MUMS Math and Science Team claims second at state meet

April 24, 2012 at 9 a.m.

The Morris Upchurch Middle School Math and Science Team competed at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State Championship meet on April 14, bringing home the second place overall trophy.

The number sense, calculator, general math and science teams each brought home second place team trophies.

The MUMS team came in second behind The Village School, a private school from Houston.

MUMS teams are composed of 30 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, who brought home 33 individual trophies and medals for placing in the top 20 in an event. Three of those places were first.

Individual results are as follows:


<strong>Sixth Grade</strong> – Madison Jones, fourth place, and Emily Maxwell, seventh place.

<strong>Seventh Grade</strong> – Jay Patel, first place; Mackenzie Hozdic, sixth place; and Madeline Corn, eighth place.

<strong>Eighth Grade</strong> – KyLee Fincher, eighth place; Brianna Watkins, ninth place; Katy Holmes, 15th place; and Shaelyn Goecke, 16th place.

<strong>General Math</strong>

<strong>Sixth Grade</strong> – Colton Henry, fifth place, and Dylan Garrison, seventh place.

<strong>Seventh Grade</strong> – Jay Patel, second place, and Tyler Moore, 15th place.

<strong>Eighth Grade</strong> – Kyli Halford, 19th place.

<strong>Number Sense</strong>

<strong>Sixth Grade</strong> – Colton Henry, fourth place; Dylan Garrison, fifth place; Andrew Hutchinson, seventh place; and Mike Hall, 11th place.

<strong>Seventh Grade</strong> – Jay Patel, first place; Tyler Moore, third place; Breanna Shelby, fifth place; Maci Stringer, eighth place; and Autumn Kennedy, 16th place.

<strong>Eighth Grade</strong> – Kyli Halford, second place, and Morgan Coats, third place.


<strong>Sixth Grade</strong> – Cameron Coats, first place; Braden Tillie, third place; and Travis Ream, eighth place.

<strong>Seventh Grade</strong> – Ryan Boitnott, third place, and Aaron Lawrence, seventh place.

<strong>Eighth Grade</strong> – Ryan Fincher, sixth place; Dakota Carver, eighth place; and Britani Mangrum, 15th place.

Students whose scores earned the second place in number sense were Jay Patel, Kyli Halford, Morgan Coats and Tyler Moore.

Members of the second place calculator team were Jay Patel, Brianna Watkins, KyLee Fincher and Madison Jones.

The second place general math team members were Jay Patel, Colton Henry, Kyli Halford and Dylan Garrison.

The second place science team members were Cameron Coats, Ryan Fincher, Ryan Boitnott and Dakota Carver.

Other students competing in state were Randi Brannan, Jenna Reid and Jacie Lance.

MUMS Math and Science Team coaches are Kendra Bates, Celeste Dellinger, Becky Russell and Principal Steve Holmes.



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