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Longview ISD officially rehires Wilcox

By Christina Lane
Feb. 6, 2012 at 11 p.m.

The Longview ISD school board on Monday night officially rehired James Wilcox as interim superintendent. He starts work today.

Trustees Sam Satterwhite, Chris Mack, Troy Simmons, John Preston and Jud Murray voted unanimously to bring Wilcox back. Board members Ted Beard and John Harrison did not attend the meeting.

In his role as interim superintendent, Wilcox will aid the district in its search for a permanent chief.

"Dr. Wilcox, welcome back aboard," Satterwhite said. "We appreciate your experience, your dedication and the guidance that you have given us through the last almost five years, and what you're going to be giving us into the future as you help us find a new, permanent superintendent."

Wilcox is the 18th district employee to be hired out of retirement. Because he had retired at the end of the year, Wilcox will receive retirement benefits from the Teacher Retirement System in addition to his salary from Longview ISD. However, his retirement check is money Wilcox paid into the system during his years of employment prior to retiring. Longview ISD will not be cutting two checks to Wilcox.

His contract with the district, which takes effect today, calls for him to earn an annual salary of $103,750 - or $8,645.93 per month from Longview ISD. The district also will pay him a $250 monthly travel stipend and pay $2,000 monthly into his annuity.

As a permanent superintendent, Wilcox earned $207,500 annually and received $550 per month for travel expenses. The district paid 6 percent, or about $1,037 a month, into the Teacher Retirement System on his behalf and contributed $1,666.67 monthly to his annuity.

According to the district, details of the new agreement are based on one year of employment, but there is a 60-day provision that would allow either Wilcox or Longview ISD to withdraw. Should a permanent superintendent be found in six months, for example, the district or Wilcox can withdraw from Wilcox's contract.

Wilcox came to Longview ISD in 2007 from Waxahachie ISD. He retired Dec. 31, and Deputy Superintendent Andrea Mayo has been serving in the role since Jan. 1.

The district's last high-level rehire was in August 2010, when the district put Assistant Superintendent James Brewer back on the payroll. He had retired as a high school principal on June 30, 2010.

The Teacher Retirement System allows employees to retire and receive retirement benefits while being employed in another position. To receive full benefits, employees must be retired from education for at least 12 months before being rehired or must be rehired in a shortage area. There are other exceptions and situations that allow full benefits.

Employees can retire and be rehired after 30 days in a non-shortage area. They are not eligible for full benefits, but can receive partial system benefits in addition to their salary.



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