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Let's recycle: We look forward to growth in city's successful program

By Longview News-Journal
Feb. 8, 2012 at 10 p.m.

It's time for Longview to get serious about recycling.

Our fair city has been recycling for awhile, of course. As in many communities, our local city-run program started with blue bags, then moved to blue bins. A logical next step, and one we support, is moving to blue carts that would make it handier for more households to recycle even more of their refuse each week.

We agree with City Councilman Richard Manley, who pointed out recently that residents want to recycle more but are hampered by the relatively small 18-gallon curbside bins currently offered. For many households, that is simply not big enough.

Think about all the milk jugs and other plastic, beverage and food cans, cardboard, newspaper and magazines you throw out each week. If you had a handy cart in which to toss those items - one you could roll to the curb each Wednesday for pickup - wouldn't it be simpler than overloading the little tub, dragging it out, then stacking all the stuff that won't fit next to it?

For the city, part of the goal is reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Recycling also can provide a revenue stream to pay for the program and perhaps more.

At a town hall meeting this week, Mayor Jay Dean suggested the current number of residents who recycle would increase if the city provided the infrastructure to collect more.

He's right.

The city should continue to improve the program by making the larger carts available to those who want them and finding other ways to make recycling even simpler for residents and businesses. We also would like to hear more about the possibility of new automated trucks that could make the process more efficient.

We're pleased that increasing recycling is on the city's agenda. It is convenient for residents, cost effective for the city and good for the environment. We look forward to seeing the program grow.



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