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Police: Longview woman schemed to get baby by killing mother

By Richard Yeakley
July 5, 2012 at 11 p.m.

A Longview woman who lost a child to a miscarriage schemed to steal a newborn baby - either by killing a mother with a newborn or by killing a late-term pregnant woman and removing the child from her womb, investigators say.

Tanya Lynette Bradley, 30, is being held in the Gregg County Jail on two warrants for criminal attempt to commit capital murder.

She was arrested Saturday by Longview police outside Good Shepherd Medical Center after two of Bradley's friends alerted police.

The informants told police they shopped with Bradley for murder weapons and knew of her plans, according to the complaint. They also said Bradley planned to find a mother of a newborn at Good Shepherd and kill her to take the infant.

The women said Bradley planned to wait outside the hospital until a mother came out with her newborn baby. She was going to ask the new mother for a ride into the country, and the informants were going to follow in a separate vehicle. When they got to the country, they were all supposed to kill the mother and take the baby, according to the complaint filed in 124th District Court.

Information contained in the complaint indicates Bradley may have tried unsuccessfully to get a baby on June 21, when she convinced a woman who was 35 weeks pregnant to give her a ride home then tried to lure the woman into her home on Pineridge Street. One of the informants told an investigator that Bradley said her intent was to get the pregnant woman inside her home, kill her and remove the child from the womb.

The pregnant woman, identified as A. Gonzales, told police during the ride that Bradley offered her many items for her unborn child. Gonzales said she felt uncomfortable and refused several invitations to enter Bradley's home.

Bradley admitted to police she received the ride from Gonzales but denied she tried to convince the mother to enter the house to kill her and take the baby.

According to a statement Bradley gave to police, her friends said if the scheme worked, they "would wait about six months for everything to die down. Then we would go to Houston or San Antonio, somewhere big," and find a way to steal babies for them also. Bradley also asked if she was going to jail for just joking.

According to the complaint, Bradley admitted she lied to her husband and told him she was still pregnant even though she had miscarried in December because she was overwhelmed by the loss.

She blamed one of the two informants as being the person who came up with the scheme to steal a baby.

Bradley was held Wednesday in the Gregg County Jail on bonds totaling $500,000.



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