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Affidavits reveal links in Longview shooting death

By Glenn Evans
June 11, 2012 at 11 p.m.

Shots fired in anger in separate incidents shortly before a May 15 murder tie two brothers and a third Longview man to the death of 23-year-old DeAundray Lamanze Rossum, Longview police records show.

Brothers Torry Jammal Reed, 17, and Deion Frazier Reed, 16, were arrested Friday in relation to the fatal shooting outside the Signal Hill Apartments on the South Longview road for which they are named.

The younger brother was taken to the Gregg County Juvenile Detention Center while Torry Reed was placed in the Gregg County Jail under $500,000 bond on a capital murder charge.

Brendan Xavier Douglas, 22, remained in the county lockup under a $250,000 bond on an aggravated robbery charge arising from a shooting and attempted holdup in the drive-through of the Jack in the Box at Interstate 20 and Estes Parkway. Douglas is not charged with Rossum's death but is prominent in a police affidavit supporting Friday's search of the Reeds' home.

Investigation of that attempted holdup outside the fast food restaurant, which occurred two days before the Signal Hill shootings, yielded one 9mm bullet casing that matched four spent 9mm casings found at the murder scene. Those bullets all were fired from the same weapon, according to police analysis cited in the search affidavit.

The investigation also produced Douglas' fingerprint on the handle of the car door the would-be robber used in the surprise assault.

Douglas was arrested on the aggravated assault charge at Good Shepherd Medical Center where he had been brought, wounded by gunfire, the night of Rossum's death.

The affidavit also ties three .380-caliber bullets found at the Signal Hill shooting to a pistol used in an April 28 shooting in the 1200 block of Webster Street in Southwest Longview.

No injuries were reported in that incident, in which witnesses said the Reed brothers argued with a man. Witnesses said the younger brother fired at the man as he ran away, while a housemate of the fleeing man told detectives that Deion Reed had called to tell her he shot out a window there.

The affidavit also said one of two .380-caliber bullets recovered from Rossum's head and neck matched those recovered from the Webster Street shooting.

A convoluted story line leads to the death of Rossum, a former Kilgore College student and football player. It follows a trail left by two cars the night of the shooting, which left a second man injured along with Douglas.

That man suffered multiple shots and told police he survived the surprise attack outside the apartments by playing dead.

He told police he, Rossum and a third man had been riding around before meeting a man police identified as Douglas at McDonald's on Estes Parkway. The four drove either to Shreveport or Elysian fields, differing witness accounts say, in search of drugs.

Returning to Longview, the man said, Douglas directed them to the Signal Hill Apartments where Douglas exited the Mitzubishi and went into a residence, ostensibly to purchase marijuana.

While Douglas was gone, two men emerged from around a building and began talking with Rossum who was standing outside the car, the same witness said. He said Douglas returned and spoke briefly with the two unknown men before they opened fire, killing Rossum.

The second vehicle in the affidavits is a Lincoln Towne Car that carried five people, including the Reed brothers and, at one time that night, Douglas. That car brought Douglas to the McDonald's where Rossum and the others picked him up in the Mitzubishi.

Witnesses quoted in the affidavit said the Lincoln was driven to a feed store parking lot adjacent to the Signal Hill Apartments where its occupants anticipated reuniting with Douglas.

Three witness accounts describe the Reed brothers exiting the Lincoln, one witness saying that occurred when Torry Reed received a text message. They also describe hearing gunfire erupt moments later, and the Reed brothers and Douglas returning to the Lincoln.

"One of you shot me," witnesses say Douglas said to the brothers as they got in the vehicle and drove a few blocks before stopping. Douglas then gave the Reeds a handgun and told them to get out of the vehicle, blocks from the same home searched Friday where the brothers were arrested.



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