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Lawsuits Filed: June 4 to 8

June 17, 2012 at 11 p.m.

Cases filed from June 4 to June 8 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end in an "A" were considered in the 188th District Court; "B" in the 124th District Court; and "CCL2" in the County Court of Law 2.

<ul> <li>1733-H ex parte vs Brendan Douglas, habeas Corpus</li> <li>2012-1134-B Tricia Grimsley-Jereb, individually and as next friend for Cayden Phoenix, a minor v. Marie Thomas, damages</li> <li>2012-1151-B Nelson Operating and Exzena Oil v. Oh Gee Oil For We and High Sierra Crude Oil and Marketing, declaratory judgment</li> <li>2012-1161-B Billy F. Bruner v. Willie Houston III and Lanika Russell, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2012-1168-B Ex Parte v. George Robert Bryant Sr., expunction of records</li> <li>2012-1129-A Government Employees Insurance as subrogee of Brandy Evans v. Nicanora Jimenez, damages</li> <li>2012-1143-A Rene Vest v. The Texas Department of Public Safety, occupational license</li> <li>2012-1150-A Christy Warren as next friend of Charles Christopher Leatch and Amanda Franks as next friend of Jasmine Brianne Leatch v. Jonathan Soto Estrada, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2012-1154-A Protective Insurance v. BEMIS, damages</li> <li>2012-1166-A Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Scarlet J. Bird, suit on account</li> <li>2012-1167-A ex parte v. Jeffrey Richard Keller, expunction of records</li> <li>2012-1121-CCL2 LVNV Funding v. Janet M. Schneider, suit on account</li> <li>2012-1125-CCL2 Depositors Insurance as subrogee of Made Rite v. Southwestern Bell Telephone doing business as AT&T,</li> <li>damages</li> <li>2012-1144-CCL2 Tiffany Renee Roberts as next friend of Olandris Feggett, a minor child v. Alexandria Sendejo, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2012-1145-CCL2 Northcutt Interests v. Billy Jack Brutchin doing business as Jack's Motor Sports Fabrication, breach of contract</li> <li>2012-1152-CCL2 Richard Abbott DBA Abbott's Cleaning Service v. Audubon Behavioral Healthcare of Longview, suit on debt</li> <li>2012-1153-CCL2 WESCO Distribution doing business as TVC Communications v. VNC Construction, suit on account</li> <li>2012-1163-CCL2 Pro-Tec Inspection v. Nabors Drilling USA , suit on account</li> <li>2012-1165-CCL2 Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Douglas Rinicker, suit on account</li> <li>19672-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Shack Daddy's Unlimited, tax suit</li> <li>19673-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Patricia Lynn Boswell, tax suit</li> <li>19674-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. GLJ and Associates, tax suit</li> <li>19675-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Richard Baker, tax suit</li> <li>19676-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Jeff Wright, tax suit</li> </ul>



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