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Mom makes plea for missing Longview son

By Sarah Thomas
June 28, 2012 at 11 p.m.

After more than a year, the mother of a missing Longview man fears the worst has happened to her son.

Anthony Tyrone Lee, 33, was last seen June 25, 2011, the day his mother said she came home and knew something was wrong.

"He was supposed to be going to Houston to help his sister move into her new home," said Lee's mother, Sharon Bowers. "Before that we were supposed to be going to the rodeo."

Bowers said she came home that day to find all his clothes and shoes there and the ironing board set up with the clothes he was planning to wear to the rodeo.

"His pants were hanging there with one leg hanging down like he had been in the middle of ironing," she said.

Bowers said from what she could tell, he had left home in a hurry wearing his house shoes.

"That wasn't like him to go out looking like that," she said.

Bowers also said the $600 Lee had in the bank was never touched.

"Why was he leaving $600 in the bank if he was planning to go away? Wouldn't you take your $600 with you," she asked. "Things just aren't adding up to us."

Bowers said she received calls reporting her son was dead about three weeks after he was reported missing.

"Someone called us and played some kind of death song over the phone," she said. "Then they called back and said 'that's what he gets for snitching.' "

She said the last person she thinks her son was with is a known drug dealer who wrecked Lee's car a week before his disappearance.

"He wasn't the best child I had, but he is still my child," she said. "I fear he has gotten into a situation where he has had to hide or maybe someone has hidden him one way or another."

Bowers said Lee's mood in the weeks leading up to his disappearance changed to being nervous and rigid most of the time.

"I don't feel like my child is still living," Bowers said. "After all the fliers and all the friends he has, it's just not like him to not call and talk to anybody."

Longview Police Department spokeswoman Kristie Brian said police have not given up on the case but have exhausted all available leads.

She said Lee has been placed in the national database of missing persons.

"If law enforcement comes in contact with him anywhere in the country and run his name, it will pop up and we will be notified," Brian said.

Lee's mother just wants closure.

"I'm hoping someone sees this and says 'I know him. I know where he is,' " she said. "There's somebody that knows what happened to my son, and all we want is to know, too."



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