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Temik manufacturer notifies EPA of death

May 8, 2012 at 10 p.m.

The company that manfactured the pesticide ingested by a local man who died as a result has apprised the federal government of the situation.

Dr. Allan Hovis, a manager with Bayer CropScience, answered questions regarding the situation "involving one of our discontinued products, Temik."

The Bayer representative said under federal law the company is required to report to the Environmental Protection Agency any type of adverse effects involving a registered pesticide that they are aware of, including the death of a human.

Hovis said in the case of a human death, the report must be filed within 15 working days of their knowledge of the incident. Their report contains the basic information about the incident and is designed to allow the EPA to determine if there are any unexpected adverse effects after they have given approval for the product to be sold.

The Bayer representative said, "in the case of this incident, the product is a known human poison and the outcome would not be an unexpected one when the product is misused in this way."

A represenative with the EPA in Arlington, Virginia acknowledged that the agency has received information about the incident and it has been disseminated to all their key people.



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