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Kilgore police make recent drug busts

By Richard Yeakley
Nov. 27, 2012 at 11 p.m.

The Kilgore Police Department released a statement Tuesday highlighting a series of drug busts since September which they said demonstrated their commitment to keeping Kilgore free from crime and drugs.

"We want to make our community safe. Period. And we don't want that kind of behavior here," said Kilgore police spokesman Capt. Roman Roberson.

The department assisted an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a Dallas man - Walley Jackson - who they say was part of a large ring transporting drugs to East Texas.

This month, police seized drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons from a Kilgore residence. In that case, two Kilgore men - James Ferguson, 24, and Cecil Babb, 26 - were arrested at the time of the second bust, according to the statement.

Ferguson was charged with possession of marijuana and Babb was charged with possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a controlled substance. Eight other occupants of the residence were ticketed for possession of various drug paraphernalia, according to the statement.

The department pointed to those successes and a November bust of a marijuana dealer to highlight their determination to keep their city clean.

"I think it's a problem everywhere. We make these arrests all the time," Roberson said. "We are putting more information out there for the public."

Roberson said the department chose to highlight their successes for two reasons: to act as a deterrent for future would-be criminals and to keep the public informed.

"It's prevention first and foremost. But it's also about making people aware and getting people involved ... It's good to get information out because the police department can't be successful without the support of the community," Roberson said.

Roberson said one reason the department targeted illegal drugs is the link between drugs and other crimes.

He pointed to Mexico as an example of crimes that emerged from drugs.

"There is no question that illegal narcotic use is linked to other crimes," Roberson said. "If you are dealing with narcotics, you may be dealing with drugs and guns and violent crime. You could also see counterfeiting."

The Kilgore Police Deparment is a part of a Violent Crimes Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force and works regularly with area sheriff's offices and police departments to crack down on drugs, Roberson said.



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