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$1M bond for Horn now

By Robin Aaron
Oct. 18, 2012 at 11 p.m.

Bond has been raised to $1 million and charges have now been changed in the case of Police Sergeant David Horn.

Horn's bond was previously $600,000 after the alleged assault on his wife and two others at his home. The substance he used to inject wife Misty Horn with what were first identified as horse tranquilizer syringes.

The ongoing investigation into the attack on Misty Gail Horn by her husband David Horn has revealed that the drug used to inject Misty Horn with is used to euthanize animals, not an animal tranquilizer, as was reported by this paper in an update Wednesday.

Due to this information, it was determined to raise the charge against David Horn from Aggravated Assault Serious Bodily Injury, a second degree felony, to Aggravated Assault Serious Bodily injury with a Deadly Weapon to a family member which is a first degree felony.

Bowie County Sheriff's Department had released evidence from the scene of the crime to be tested in two separate DPS crime labs since the attack occured the evening of Oct. 14 just before midnight. Horn was arrested on Oct. 15.

Samples of the substance had been sent to the Texas DPS Crime Laboratory Services in Tyler, Texas for verification. The substance the police sergeant allegedly injected into the veins of his wife Misty will be confirmed once those tests are complete Bowie County Sheriff's Office investigators said.

It is alleged that the origin of this substance was obtained by Horn through his duties as the city of Hooks' animal control officer, according to information obtained during the investigation. The substance is believed to have been a type of tranquilizer used during animal euthanasia and was not specific for use with any specific type of animal.

Blood samples taken from those syringes have also been sent for DNA analysis to the Texas DPS Crime Lab in Garland, Texas.

So far, health conditions for Horn's wife, Misty Horn, have improved, though her condition has been extremely serious since the attack. Sources report she is now awake and breathing on her own.

Those who know and love the victim have asked for continued prayer.

Horn's deadly conduct charge was issued due to Horn allegedly pointing a gun at Brandon Brown, who was the male living in their home. Another charge of misdemeanor assault is for Horn's alleged actions toward his stepdaughter. Both of those individuals lived at the Horn residence on Moss Lane in Hooks, Texas.

According to Police Chief Keith Schutte, Horn had worked for his department since 1997 and he had no inclination that Horn could be unstable enough to commit the type of crime he is charged with.

The Hooks Police Sergeant has been undergoing treatment for an extended illness called MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus superbug). This is a serious infection sometimes termed a "superbug" because of its ability to be resistant to several antibiotics.

According to the Hooks Police Chief, at the time of the 9-1-1 call, dispatch called on the county sheriff office's deputy on duty at the time to respond. A Hooks police officer responded as backup, which is normal procedure.

The county deputy was dispatched because Moss Lane, where Horn lives, is actually outside the city limits of Hooks by several miles. Once Chief Schutte arrived, he says he withdrew his officers and they only assisted where directed. Schutte says he and his department have cooperated with the ongoing investigation, but are not involved with conducting the investigation efforts.



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