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Letters on Medicaid expansion, Louie Gohmert, 'leftist' press

Feb. 9, 2013 at 10 p.m.

<strong>Right for Texas</strong>

As implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues, an important element is an expansion of Medicaid. Many states are accepting the expansion. Texas has declined to participate.

The benefits our state would experience by accepting the Medicaid expansion are enormous. Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country. About 6 million Texans are uninsured. By accepting the Medicaid expansion, at least 1.5 million Texans will obtain health care coverage.

The fiscal benefits are extensive. Cities and counties will see reductions in indigent care costs. Hospitals will see their uncompensated care costs reduced. And those already insured with private coverage will not see increases in their premiums that occur due to uncompensated care.

In budgetary terms, the Medicaid expansion is a great benefit. In fact, per the Perryman Group, every $1 that Texas spends on the Medicaid expansion will yield $1.29 in state government revenue during the first 10 years of the expansion. It is a net budgetary positive for Texas.

This just makes sense. Both the Texas Hospital Association and Texas Medical Association support the expansion. With this in mind, I urge Gov. Perry and the Legislature to accept the Medicaid expansion. It is right for Texas.

<em>- Vikas Kumar Verma, Kilgore</em>

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<strong>Really no excuse</strong>

I agree with "There's no excuse" (letters, Feb. 3). Because of U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert's positions, I eagerly voted for him. And I must say I cannot recall one time Rep. Gohmert mentioned a deep desire to be Obama's "yes man," support the Democratic agenda or the pro-choice movement.

Last summer, I, too, watched the House Judiciary Committee hearing wherein Rep. Gohmert questioned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on C-SPAN. Rep. Gohmert, again, sought answers from Napolitano as to why, out of 26 members of her agency's advisory council, Mohammed Elibiary, appointed by President Obama and a member of the radical group and designated terrorist organization, Gamaa Islamiya, was granted access to a nationwide database that includes terror watch lists and sensitive FBI reports. This question was originally posed to Napolitano in November 2011, yet, when asked again some six months later, Napolitano continued to dodge Rep. Gohmert's questions.

In summary, if President Obama's DHS head does not know how to block members of terrorist organizations from sensitive governmental information, there is no excuse.

<em>- Stacy McMahan, Longview</em>

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<strong>No 'leftist' press</strong>

Again with "leftist" press crap (letters, Jan. 22). It is ridiculous right-wing people are contented to live in the Fox News bubble and repeat those worn-out old talking points. Here are some facts, although they never pierce the bubble you love to live in:

There are about 1,500 daily newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 14,000 radio stations, and 1,700 television stations, many owned by only three corporations.

Rupert Murdock (a non-American) is the king, with more than any other person, that you follow blindly without question or reservation. Talk about indoctrinated. You have enough out there to watch and listen to and fulfill whatever ill-perceived idea or need you have. Your bubble is secure.

So please stop with the whining about some organized "leftist" press attack on any issue when the first goal of the corporate-owned press is to make a profit and ratings. Yes, they sensationalize everything but you made the monster so don't complain about it.

But I do ask of you, do not continue to destroy our country over your secular following of the folks at Fox.

<em>- Michael Jordan, Winnsboro</em>



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