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Letters on having nothing to say, trashy roads, mistaken identity

Jan. 8, 2013 at 10 p.m.

<strong>Keep it to yourself</strong>

In response to "Enjoy it while you can" (letters, Jan. 2) by Brandi Markum: Blessed is the (person) who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.

<em>- Clark Moore, Daingerfield</em>

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<strong>Please help with trash</strong>

I totally agree with Mr. Estes of Pittsburg (letters, Dec. 18) concerning the littering habits of East Texans.

Believe me, it is not just a Pittsburg problem. I have written on this subject several times with no results. I personally clean up one mile of county roadway leading to my house in Harrison County. My company has adopted a two-mile stretch of FM 2208 in Harrison County and two miles of Highway 322 in Gregg County. Each time we clean up these roads, new trash appears by the next day.

Come on people, are Estes and myself the only ones who care how our community looks? If you are as tired of this as Estes and I am, please help do something about it.

<em>- Robert Crawley, Longview</em>

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<strong>Hope you're not there</strong>

An open letter to the person who called police on me at the water park:

I would like to say I don't have any hard feelings toward you but, unlike you, I try to be honest. I'm working on it because hard feelings only hurt the one who holds them. And I don't need the stress. I had a heart attack and open heart surgery awhile back.

You may remember seeing me at Kidsview water park Sept. 22. I brought my grandson to play in the water. For some reason you profiled me as a child predator and called the cops. I read in the police report you told them I parked in the "bushes." There are no bushes in the area of the splash pad. You also accused me, according to the report, of acting "suspiciously" with the children. Lie No. 2. The only person I interacted with in any way was my grandson. That's it.

I see why you had to lie. Who would consider a senior citizen walking in the park a cause for police action?

I was coming back toward the pad when I noticed four police vehicles in the parking lot and four LPD officers converging on me. Since I knew there was no reason for me to require police attention I panicked and thought something had happened to my grandson. The adrenalin started the angina (severe chest pain) and the officer told me why he was there. Someone had reported me as a pedophile. That was you.

At that point it was a struggle to stay on my feet, between the angina and the shakes.

I have spent no small amount of time trying to figure out why you called the police. I was wearing a hat that indicates that I'm a Vietnam veteran. And as recently as two years ago I was reminded that some Americans still despise us. I grew bark in 1969 when I came home from 'Nam, which is another way of saying I hardened my heart to the point I lost ability to care what anyone thought of me. With all the labels hung on us, the bark prevents severe irritation. They called us baby killers, murderers, drug addicts, psychos, criminals and people deserving to be spit upon. When I joined the tea party the label-hanging continued.

Now you have added "child predator." I now have a history at the police station. Thanks. Now just thinking about taking my grandson anywhere there are kids stresses me out. I will continue to take him but I will pray that you or a similar genius are not there.

<em>- Leroy Wolf, Longview</em>



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