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Longview ISD OKs new teacher reward system

From Staff Reports
Jan. 14, 2013 at 11 p.m.

A new performance pay system approved Monday evening by the Board of Trustees for the Longview Independent School District will reward middle school English/Language Arts and math teachers for the progress students make in their classrooms, regardless of whether or not the students reach specific achievement levels.

District spokesman Adam Holland said the new policy recognizes that growth is not about every student reaching the same level of achievement; it is about every individual student's advancement and improvement each year.

It is vital to recognize that each student is at a different academic level and will make different amounts of progress, Holland said.

Achievement is a student's performance at a single point in time, while progress is measured by how much growth students make over a given period of time, he said. Measuring both achievement and progress, or output and outcomes, helps educators measure impacts they have on student learning, he said.

The program will monetarily award student performance gains based on a set statistical index. The amounts for each performance pay incentive award have not yet been set, Holland said.

"This system is different than the one implemented by the governor a few years ago, in that it is not tied to any state-mandated test. Our main goal with this is student growth. When a student grows academically and is no longer struggling in the classroom, passing the test is no longer a huge issue," said Rebeca Cooper, director of planning, research and accountability.

In other business, the board also approved plans of action for each campus in the district.

Each school year the principal of each campus, with the assistance of a committee, must develop, review and revise the campus improvement plan, Holland said. The plans include setting performance objectives, determining the resources needed to implement the plan and setting timelines for reaching goals.

For elementary and middle schools, the plans must also include goals for the coordinated health programs based on student fitness assessment data and the uses and success of any method to ensure that students participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity.



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