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Stopping mail for the deceased

By Jo Lee Ferguson
Jan. 18, 2013 at 11 p.m.

<strong>QUESTION:</strong> My parents are both deceased. They both receive mail asking for donations, etc. Is there a phone number or an address that you can use to get them off these mailing lists?

<strong>ANSWER:</strong> Your best bet is to register your parents' names on the Direct Marketing Association's "Deceased Do Not Contact List," which was created in 2005.

Visit the website Toward the middle of the page you will find a heading that says "More Than Just Mail" and, under that, a smaller heading for "Register the Deceased."

I can't guarantee this will stop everything, but all members of the Direct Marketing Association are required to remove names on the Deceased Do Not Contact list from their databases. The list is also available to organizations that are not members of the Direct Marketing Association so they can eliminate the names of deceased individuals as well.

An updated list is distributed to members at least once every three months, so you should see a difference near that time frame.

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<strong>Q:</strong> I would like to know what the average salary is for reporters on local television.

<strong>A:</strong> The best information I was able to find was in an online report from the Texas Workforce Commission that is based on a semiannual survey of a sample of Texas businesses. The information I'm about to give you is based on surveys during a three-year period from November 2008 to May 2011.

This information, though, includes reporters for any kind of media - television or newspapers for instance.

In the Longview Metropolitan Statistical Area (Gregg, Upshur and Rusk counties), reporters earned an average hourly wage of $13.30. In the Tyler Metropolitan Statistical Area (Smith County), the average hourly wage was $17.52.

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<strong>Q:</strong> I was wondering why none of the stores in Longview sell Hank's Root Beer?

<strong>A:</strong> It's an issue of the distribution network. Jennifer Brady, spokeswoman for Pennsylvania-Based Hank's Beverage Company, told me the company just doesn't have a distributor that comes into our area.

If you're really desperate for a Hank's Root beer, though, she did note that you can order it online at

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<strong>Q:</strong> Would you have the names and locations of the cowboy churches in East Texas?

<strong>A:</strong> Wow. That's a big area, and there are a lot of them. So, I'm going to tell you some of the closest ones I found to Longview, and then tell you the websites where you can look for more. (I should note there were some that I could not find correct phone numbers for to verify their addresses, so I have not listed those.) The Barbwire Halo Cowboy Church is at 6761 Texas 154 W., west of Gilmer, and you can call the church at (903) 790-0017. Near Gilmer, the Frontier Cowboy Church of Northeast Texas is at 2791 FM 593 in the Ewell community, next door to the fire department. Call the church at (903) 762-1277. The Northeast Texas Cowboy Church is at 2680 FM 2911 in Big Sandy, and you can reach pastor Ezard Charles Thomas at (903) 714-6422.

You'll find the Bar None Cowboy Church at 9162 Texas 43 East near Tatum, and the phone number there is (903) 836-7224. Finally, the Circle C Cowboy Church is at 3052 CR 238 north of Henderson, and the phone number is (903) 363-6092.

If none of those churches are in the specific area you're looking for, you might check out a couple of websites I found: the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches at and another website that lists cowboy churches at

The News-Journal's weekly Religion section often lists area cowboy churches, and the newspaper took at look at them in a 2011 story, photos and video that can be found at

<em>- Email questions to, leave a message at (903) 232- 7208 or write to P.O. Box 1792, Longview, TX 75606.</em>



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