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Longview residents don't want trash carts kicked to curb

By Richard Yeakley
July 9, 2013 at 11 p.m.

Longview's sanitation manager said Tuesday that a city ordinance may be necessary to encourage residents to keep new, larger 95-gallon trash and recycling carts off curbs after collection day.

Dwayne Archer, director of Sanitation and Fleet Services, was responding to a question asked Tuesday at the second of two information meetings about the city's proposed sanitation plan.

Two Longview residents, Victoria Wilson and Clay Baxley, told Archer they believe Longview residents they know - particularly those who live in duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes - will be unlikely to move trash and recycling carts off their curbs.

"I have some four-plexes at the end of my road. I see that these (carts) might be sitting at the curb a lot. We really don't have the room or the place to put them," Baxley said.

Archer said the problem could be addressed in a variety of ways.

"It could get to the point where we say, 'Well this is just not working.' Or maybe we write an ordinance that establishes some sort of incentive to make sure you put it back, I don't know. But that will have to be addressed. ... When the final plan goes out, that will be a part of it," Archer said.

The sanitation plan, designed after a call two years ago by the City Council for the sanitation department to promote recycling in the community, would markedly change the face of garbage and recycling collection.

If approved, the proposal would divide the city into four sections and assign each Longview customer one day a week for trash, recycling and bulk collection. The current sanitation plan allows for two garbage collections each week.

The fewer days of service would save money that would be used to give a 95-gallon garbage cart and a 95-gallon recycling cart free of charge to any Longview resident who wants one. However, residents would still be allowed to use trash bags or personal carts, Archer said.

The sanitation proposal will be presented July 30 to the Longview City Council.

The proposal will be considered as part of the city's budget process in July and August. If approved, the changes will take place sometime in 2014.



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