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Lawsuits Filed: March 4 to 8

March 17, 2013 at 11 p.m.

Cases filed from March 4 to March 8 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end in an "A" were considered in the 188th District Court; "B" in the 124th District Court; and "CCL2" in the County Court of Law 2.

<ul> <li>2013-461-B Ernest Quander v. Peyton Hunter Kirbow, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-474-B Progressive County Mutual Insurance v. Joshua Hugh Howes, damages</li> <li>2013-482-B ex parte v. Ricky W. Taff, expunction of records</li> <li>2013-490-B United Credit Union v. Passionate Sharp, suit on note</li> <li>2013-504-B Donna Clift v. Calen Trent Garrison, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-515-B Daniel Ford v. Casey Donovan, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-460-A Grace Bagley v. Kia Motors America, Inc., suit for deceptive trade practices and damages</li> <li>2013-473-A Main Street Acquisition Corp. v. Elbert E. Crane, breach of contract</li> <li>2013-489-A Kiersten Brewer v. Brandon Michael Wood, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-503-A Eastman Credit Union v. David K. Payne, agreement</li> <li>2013-514-A Danny Ponder v. Joseph Wayne Kellebrew, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-524-A Crystal Brown as next friend for Da'Kaylon Nelson v. Samuel Johnson, individually and as next friend to Janae Johnson, damages</li> <li>2013-459-CCL2 Linda Moore v. Vicki Ann Moore and Jerry W. Hill, substitute trustee, injunction</li> <li>2013-462-CCL2 Gary Leonard Fite v. Jason Riley Craig, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-470-CCL2 Patterson Motors of Longview Inc. v. Texas Department of Transportation, injunction</li> <li>2013-476-CCL2 CC Forbes LLC v. Unifirst Corp. and/or Unifirst Holdings L.P. doing business as Unifirst and/or Unifirst Canada, declaratory judgment</li> <li>2013-477-CCL2 in re: order for foreclosure concerning 2808 Mount Pisgah Road, Kilgore TX 75662, foreclosure of lien</li> <li>2013-494-CCL2 in re: B. Jones annuitant, approval transfer settlement payment rights</li> <li>2013-505-CCL2 Katherine Williams v. Tiana Beth Bales, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-508-CCL2 State of Texas v. J. Matthew Caston, bond forfeiture-defendant</li> <li>2013-509-CCL3 State of Texas v. Shanell Knox, bond forfeiture-defendant</li> <li>2013-510-CCL2 State of Texas v. Eugene Albert Taylor, bond forfeiture-defendant</li> <li>2013-513-CCl2 Meshell Horton v. Alma Aparicio, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-522-CCL2 Julia Ponder v. Ghazala Javed, auto personal injury/damages</li> <li>2013-523-CCL2 Annie Johnson v. Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company, damages</li> <li>19901-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Oscar Galindo, tax suit</li> <li>19902-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Judy Funderburk, tax suit</li> <li>19903-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Robert Summerford, tax suit</li> <li>19904-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Susie Mae Anderson Whitaker, tax suit</li> </ul>



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