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ET Football: Overton's Kelly named 10-A Division II most valuable

From Staff Reports
Jan. 6, 2014 at 5:50 p.m.

Overton's Jamal Kelly was named the district's offensive Most Valuable Player, and league champion Maud finished with four superlatives with the release of the District 10-A Division II All-District Football Team.

Maud's Kyran Richardson was named the league's overall Most Valuable Player. Other superlatives went to Maud's Tim Carr and Detroit's Daniel Waldrip (defensive MVP), Detroit's Cody Duren (special teams MVP) and Maud's Triston Carlow (Newcomer of the Year).The Maud coaching staff also earned top honors.

<h3>FIRST TEAM</h3>


Line: Kendall Mathis, Maud; Matt Brown, Maud; Nick Baker, Overton; Lane Allen, Detroit; Blake Westbrook, Detroit; Tight end: Brandon Erickson, Detroit; Receiver: Tim McClendon, Maud; Jake McDonald, Maud; Damion Dennis, Overton; Ryder Brock, Detroit; Fullback: Cody Anderson, Cumby; Running back: Nick Folse, Cumby; Toby Moss, Detroit; Quarterback: Travis Taylor, Cumby; Trevor Reger, Detroit.


Line: Blake Westbrook, Detroit; Caleb Collins, Maud; Seth Garrett, Overton; Alex Sawyer, Cumby: End: Joseph Romero, Maud; C.J. Washington, Maud; Brandon Erickson, Detroit; Outside linebacker: Jim Evans, Cumby; Toby Moss, Detroit; Inside linebacker: Cody Anderson, Cumby; Trevor McCoin, Cumby; Julian Herndon, Overton; Secondary: Tim McClendon, Maud; Jake McDonald, Maud; Trevor Reger, Detroit; Michael Charleton, Overton; Dustin Heer, Cumby. Punter: Rylie Martin, Maud; Kicker: Michael Phillips, Overton; Fermin Martinez, Union Hill.

<h3>SECOND TEAM</h3>


Line: Matt Smith, Maud; Michael Croteau, Overton; Seth Garrett, Overton; Austin Jarvis, Cumby; Keith Henderson, Detroit; Tight end: Daniel Gomez, Overton; Eric Wilson, Cumby; Receiver: Dustin Heer, Cumby; C.J. Washington, Maud; Trenton Minter, Maud; Fullback: Julian Herndon, Overton; Running back: Rylie Martin, Maud; Quarterback: Brayton Pierce, Overton.


Line: Michael Murphy, Detroit; Dylan Gibson, Maud; Jaden Duck, Cumby; End: Arryn Bradley, Overton; Aden Williams, Overton; Keith Henderson, Detroit; Outside linebacker: Jacoby Dennis, Overton; Eric Wilson, Cumby; Ryder Brock, Detroit; Inside linebacker: James Hensley, Union Hill; Nick Norman, Maud; Nick Folse, Cumby; Secondary: Trenton Minter, Maud; Brayton Pierce, Overton; Eric Hatton, Overton; Noah Dyer, Cumby; Punter: Brandon Erickson, Detroit; Kicker: Gary Alexander, Maud; Chanler Waters, Cumby.



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