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Answer Line: City bus service homing in on Target; fish stocking in Teague Park Lake

Aug. 6, 2015 at 4 a.m.

Longview Transit busses arrive at Magrill Park on Tuesday September 24, 2013. (Michael Cavazos/News-Journal Photo)

QUESTION: Can you please answer this simple question: Is there ever going to be bus service to the Target shopping center area? If yes, when, and if no, why not?

ANSWER: Yes, Longview Transit intends to add the growing shopping area on North Eastman Road, and in what I would consider the relatively near future.

"It's definitely in the plans. That is our goal — to reach Target next year," said Tequita Mumphrey, operations director for Longview Transit, the city's bus system.

The addition hinges on one important factor: completion of the Fourth Street extension.

"We're waiting on the construction on Fourth Street to be completed because right now we don't have a turnaround source," she said. "That is definitely one thing that is very hot on our list of getting to (the Target) area."

City officials have said the Fourth Street extension is expected to be finished in November.

Q: When is Teague Park Lake going to be restocked? The city dredged the lake, and the fish population still hasn't returned to normal. That's the only lake a lot of people who don't have transportation can fish in.

A: It will take time to rebuild the lake's fish population. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has plans to continue stocking the lake, but it's not a simple problem that can be solved quickly.

The lake was dredged in 2014 to "improve the recreational use (fishing) and improve aesthetics," said Scott Caron, the city's new parks and recreation director. "The improvements with the fountains provide a much nicer setting as well as habitat for wildlife."

While the lake is in a city park, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department includes it among a number of "community fishing ponds" around the state, said Lynn D. Wright, the department's assistant district fisheries biologist based in Marshall.

The parks and wildlife department requests fish for as many of those lakes as possible, and a state parks department spokesman said the agency has been stocking the lake with rainbow trout every year since 1991 for a children's fishing event each winter.

"We stock them in the winter at a time when water temps are cooler," Wright said. "Those fish — they'll last all winter while the water is cool. When the water warms up in the spring they'll die out."

He said the state parks department also took from 50 to 100 sunfish this year from Lake Gladewater and transplanted them into Teague Park Lake. They are expected to reproduce.

Additional fish will be added in the coming months.

"Teague Park is on the schedule to be stocked with approximately 400 9-inch channel catfish this fall," Wright said, but those fish likely won't reproduce because the lake doesn't provide the proper nesting areas. The department also is planning to move more sunfish from Lake Gladewater to Teague Park.

"We are waiting until fall so that we have cooler temperatures, which will reduce the stress and potential mortality of stocked fish," he said. "My hope is that folks will understand that since the pond was renovated, it will take some time to rebuild the fish population, but it will be better in the long run."

Q: Why do the food pictures in the food section nearly always say Concord, New Hampshire?

A: When you see that dateline on a food photo, you're looking at a feature provided to the News-Journal (and other newspapers) by The Associated Press. Associated Press Food Editor J.M. Hirsch cleared up the little mystery as to "why" that's the case. His job is based in New York, but he lives and works in New Hampshire. He said his culinary team, including the photographer, are based in New Hampshire with him.

"Because AP policy is to dateline photos where they are shot, Concord shows up all the time," Hirsch said.

"We've joked for years that people must wonder why so much food photography comes out of Concord. Without really intending to, we've managed to turn New Hampshire into the capital of food photos," he said.

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