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The most popular toys for kids this Christmas

Dec. 21, 2015 at midnight

With Christmas fast approaching the time is here for parents throughout the country to join the race for this year's most popular toys.

So which toys are most likely to be featured on your child's letter to Santa this year?

Play All Day Elmo

When it comes to a child's Christmas list, Sesame Street favorite Elmo has been a staple for years now.

The cute red monster has come a long way from the original Tickle Me Elmo toy that first burst onto the market in the mid 90's. This year's Play All Day Elmo is considered one of the most interactive toys available, featuring more than 150 responses, and eight games and activities.

The toy features a toddler mode and a pre-school mode, allowing it to grow up with your child and become more advanced as the years go by.

Retailing for $59.99, this is sure to be a hit this Christmas with parents and children alike.

Disney Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa

Disney's Frozen featured prominently in last year's Christmas toy list, and the franchise isn't ready to loosen its grip on the Christmas favorites list quite yet.

Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa is one of this year's Christmas offerings from Disney, and it provides your child with the chance to sing the best-selling single "Let It Go" along with the popular character from the movie, Elsa.

Children can pass the microphone between themselves and the Elsa doll to sing the song together, with Elsa carrying on where your child left off.

The doll also says 15 phrases from the movie and features both a dress and necklace that lights up.

Retailing for $39.99, this toy will bring delight to young fans of the movie throughout Christmas and beyond.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon

Unless you've been living under a rock this year, you'll no doubt have heard about the upcoming release of the new Star Wars movie, which is sure to be the cinema hit of the Christmas period.

Along with this release will come a whole host of Star Wars themed toys, including the Battle Action Millennium Falcon.

Opening up into a playset that houses such features as a pop-up blaster that fires Nerf darts, light-up LED cannons, and various hyperdrive sound effects, this toy will allow your child to recreate the exciting intergalactic battles that they'll see in the new movie.

The set retails at $119.99 and comes complete with three action figures included.

Disney Descendants Signature Outfit Doll Assortment

Based on the Descendants movie released this year by Disney, this eight doll set (all sold separately) comes complete with their signature outfits, a locket, and a sticker.

The detail that has been included in the creation of these dolls has to be seen to be believed, with each outfit having been created to an exceptionally high level.

Each doll is poseable, comes with individual accessories that are applicable to their character from the movie, and retail for $19.99 each.

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

For well over 50 years, Lego has been a staple of Christmas for many children, and 2015 isn't any different.

The Dimensions Starter Pack allows your child to merge real-life Lego brick building with an interactive video game.

Available for all of the major video game consoles such as Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation, this starter set comes complete with a Toy Pad for transporting Lego figures and vehicles, and a Lego Batmobile.

Also included are Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle Lego figures.

The set retails for $99.99.

As you can see, 2015 is shaping up to be another blockbuster year for the toy industry, with the bar being raised when it comes to quality. Only time will tell which toy creates the biggest splash, but when it comes to being featured on the most wanted lists for Christmas, you can't look past the old favorites such as Lego, Sesame Street, and Star Wars.

One thing that is for sure is that the rush for parents to get their hands on the must-have toys for Christmas has never been more intense.



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