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Light snow possible this weekend in area

By Jessica Kuhn
Feb. 27, 2015 at 3:11 p.m.
Updated Feb. 27, 2015 at 3:11 p.m.

Snow falls Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015, in Gilmer.

After a week full of snow wreaking havoc in East Texas, more winter weather is possible this weekend in the area.

According to the National Weather Service, light snow is possible starting this afternoon for both East and Northeast Texas.

The report stated, “No significant accumulation is expected.”

A small chance of freezing rain is also possible for Saturday before temperatures are expected to rise above freezing.

The potential wintry mix comes after a week full of freezing rain, sleet and snow that all but shut down Longview on Monday with many schools, municipalities and businesses closing for the day. The havoc continued into Tuesday and Wednesday with most area school districts operating on a delayed schedule.

TxDOT recommends during icy conditions, motorists:

  • Reduce speed. Speed limits are based on normal road and weather conditions, not winter road conditions. Do not use cruise control.
  • Maintain at least three times the normal following distance on snow or ice.
  • Watch carefully for personnel and equipment treating roadways, and stay at least 200 feet back from road crews.
  • Use extra caution on bridges, ramps, overpasses and shaded areas as they tend to freeze first.
  • Carry extra warm coats, gloves and boots in case you get stranded.
  • If you

start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes. Steer into the direction of the skid until you feel you have regained traction, and then straighten your vehicle.

With temperatures this cold, it is also important to keep in mind:

  • Frostbite can occur with prolonged exposure.
  • Elderly and very young people are more susceptible to harm from the cold.
  • Exposed pipes should be covered to avoid freezing.
  • Pets should be brought indoors or given a warm place to stay.
  • Sensitive vegetation should be protected.



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