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Co-op advertising: local business' long lost loot

By Adam Mahan
Nov. 4, 2015 at midnight

Imagine you were strolling down a park sidewalk and out of the corner of your eye, you notice something floating through the air. What first appears to be a large leaf turns out to be a single hundred-dollar bill! As you approach the floating bill, you find there are more, drifting in your path. Following the trail of “Flying Benjamins,” you stumble upon a large stash of cash, buried within the brush. Next to the cash pile is a sign that reads, “Free money – sign up now.” A trove of abandoned money and an open invitation for free cash. Would you just walk away?

Unfortunately, this hypothetical scenario is an actuality for far too many local businesses that miss out on billions of dollars each year available to them through the various manufactures and vendors they supply via co-op advertising.

Co-op advertising is a unique relationship between a particular manufacturer and a business owner that supplies their products. The manufacturer from time-to-time will offer a determined amount of dollars for businesses to spend on advertising. Business owners understand the necessity to advertise, even though their budgets may not allow for much. This is where co-op advertising offers much reward.

With co-op, the manufacturers are paying for advertising! Despite this open handout, year after year vendors and manufactures discard these ignored funds that had been set aside for businesses to utilize for their advertising campaigns. And, these same businesses discard their chances to advertise and have their expenses reimbursed.

For a vast majority of business owners, they are completely unaware that they even qualify for advertising funds through co-op avenues; and for many others, they simply don’t have the time to complete the tedious back-end paper work that goes into processing the co-op reimbursements. Regardless of the situation, unused advertising funds equals untapped customers who could have been exposed to products or services your business offers.

But there is no problem without a viable solution, and when it comes to everything co-op, Advocate Digital Media is the answer. Our in-house co-op experts handle everything from researching which manufactures are offering co-op dollars at any given time, to working with those manufactures to create approved ads, to processing all of the time-consuming leg work to get your money back. We take on the tediousness of co-op advertising to allow business owners to focus on their day-to-day while at the same time taking full advantage of advertising on the manufacturers dime.

Everyone dreams of stumbling upon a stash of cash for the taking, and for businesses, that cash is out there. Start raiding the treasure chest of co-op advertising and never let the loot of co-op ads be lost again!



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