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6 Tips to Picture Perfect Skin Through the Holidays

Dec. 13, 2016 at midnight

While many people know about the harsh effects of the summer season on your skin, wintertime can present its own challenges for your skincare routine. Not only do the cold, dry winds play havoc with your skin’s moisture balance, but the additional stress of the holiday season can leave your skin prone to breakouts. If you want to look your best for all the family events of the season, consider switching up your skincare routine to compensate for the change in season.

1. Don’t skip the sunblock.

While it’s easy to assume that sunblock is only for summer, SPF protection is essential in the winter as well. The sun may not feel warm on your skin, but UV rays can still do significant damage, particularly when reflecting off the snow. Cloudy days are notorious for high UV presence due to the sun's rays reflecting off the water in the clouds and becoming concentrated before they reach the ground. Many moisturizers come with SPF protection, so incorporate one of these into your daily routine. If your preferred moisturizer doesn’t have SPF, apply a light layer of sunblock before going out, even if it’s cloudy.

2. Feed your skin.

The cold, dry winter months can sap the moisture from your skin, particularly if you’re turning up the heat in your home. To compensate for the loss of moisture and prevent flaking, up the hydration on your moisturizer and use face masks that help your skin recuperate and absorb extra moisture without becoming oily.

3. Take care of the inside as well.

A lot of skincare is based not on taking care of the outside, but the inside as well. Make sure that you stay hydrated and that you don’t skip the healthy foods. Salmon and other omega-3 rich foods help your skin retain its elasticity and healthy glow, while vegetables can provide both water and the vitamins that your skin and body need to function optimally.

4. Stay relaxed.

Cortisol, a well-known stress hormone has been associated with sporadic acne breakouts and dull-looking skin. Cortisol is produced when you’re stressed, so take care of yourself and make some time for relaxing activities, especially around the holidays when stress levels can soar. Facials are a great way to both relax and take care of your skin, so consider booking a session before the holiday season starts.

5. Be gentle with your acne.

If you're prone to breakouts, you might find that the changing season leaves your skin in worse condition. It's always tempting to use harsh treatments to control breakouts, but that will only make matters worse. Find a gentle, non abrasive solution that works for you before winter starts, and keep to the regimen when the season changes to reduce the number of blemishes appearing.

6. Don’t forget about your lips.

The skin on your lips is extremely thin and sensitive to temperature and moisture changes. Chapped lips are a pain to deal with, and prevention is better than cure. Use a hydrating lip balm with SPF to keep your lips moisturized and protected.

As the outdoor conditions change, so does your skincare routine. To ensure that you look your best for all the family photos, make sure that you keep your skin hydrated and protected from UV rays at all times. Massage Envy of Longview is your local resource for your professional facial and skincare needs with experienced estheticians waiting to help you find the right products and skin care routine for your skin type. Visit us at 3088 N Eastman Rd, Ste. 100, in the Target Shopping Center or call us at 903-663-2600 to schedule your appointment today. Don’t forget to take advantage of our holiday gift card offer, just in time to help cross those last few names off your Christmas list and bring home a little something for yourself too.



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