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Holiday Cleaning: Freshen Up Your Home’s Floor During the Holidays

Dec. 27, 2016 at midnight

It’s the holiday season once again – the time for hosting countless family get-togethers and dinners that last all night. Aside from putting the house in order, there’s also one thing every homeowner needs to have on his to- do list before the holiday season really kicks in: floor cleaning.

The prospect of squeaky clean floors may seem counterintuitive. After all, spills, stains, and accidents are so common over Christmas and New Year when some unassuming but slightly sozzled guest accidentally knocks over the gravy bowl, and there's a huge spill on the newly-installed carpet. It is also common for floors to get scuffed and scratched as they valiantly attempt to withstand a hammering brought on by the influx of exuberant party guests wearing snow boots.

So why not wait until all the damage is done? Here are four reasons why it's indeed better to freshen up one’s floors before the holiday parties start.

  1. Holidays mean family time.

The kids. They run around the living room, sit on the floor with their toys, or watch movies and holiday specials plopped in a heap on the carpet. A dirty floor or carpet can pose a serious health hazard to these kids; there might be all kinds of germs and allergens present that could harm them. Children seldom care about dirty floors, so it is the adult’s job to make sure they are safe and clean.

  1. It’s easier to remove stains from clean carpets.

Anyone who has ever had to remove a stain from a carpet knows how hard this is to accomplish. But what makes it even harder is when the carpet already has a layer of dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years. Getting rid of this embedded dirt can make it much easier to spot clean the carpet in the case of subsequent stains. Using a protectant on a clean carpet is also a good way to guard against

potentially damaging and unsightly spills.

  1. It’s always busy during the holiday season.

To avoid getting caught in the holiday rush, it is always good to schedule floor cleaning ahead of time. That means one less thing to worry about, especially after the holidays when there is so much that needs to be done. Floor cleaning companies like Floor Medic also tend to be swamped after the holidays, which makes it easier to schedule one’s cleaning before the holiday rush.

  1. Odor-free floors make the home smell its holiday best.

It may not be that obvious at first, but carpets and floors tend to emit a musty smell as time goes by. After all, they are being used every day and accumulate all sorts of grime from pets and people. Clean the floors to make sure that holiday guests smell the scent of freshly-baked cookies rather than the stale carpet odor.

Whether you're hosting a huge Christmas party or simply welcoming close family members for an intimate dinner, it’s always a good idea to enter the holiday season with a clean and fresh-smelling home. If you can't seem to carve time for some floor scrubbing, get in touch with Floor Medic and they will take care of all your floor cleaning and repair needs - from carpet and rug cleaning to concrete polishing and floor waxing - just in time for the holidays.



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