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Answer Line: R. Lacy fencing coming down 'shortly'

Dec. 28, 2016 at 11:24 p.m.

Fredonia and Tyler street corner

QUESTION: Could you see when they could take down the fencing and barricades at the Fredonia and Tyler street corner? There's no need for that to be still closed off. It's been an inconvenience for months but it no longer needs to be shut down like it is. Periodic closures when necessary should suffice now.

ANSWER: It looks like you'll be getting your wish.

I don't have an exact date, but city Development Services Director Michael Shirley told me the general contractor for the R. Lacy Services expansion project "will try to open the roads shortly."

You're right, though, temporary road closures will be used as needed to complete the exterior of the oil and gas firm's three-story expansion.

Q: We enjoy watching the rebroadcast of the Longview City Council meetings on Channel 5 but lately have not been finding them. Are they not showing these on Channel 5 anymore?

A: The rebroadcasts are on a temporary hiatus.

City spokesman Shawn Hara said the city hasn't been rebroadcasting council meetings since the end of November while converting to digital broadcast equipment.

"We are waiting on an additional piece of equipment that was determined to be necessary to complete the project," he said. "We are able to broadcast live video of meetings, though, and have been doing that. Also, video content is available on demand on the city's website:

Q: I know you're supposed to give a gift when children graduate out of high school, but what about college? Are you supposed to give a graduation present? What about a two-year associate degree? Do you give a present? Then what about a four-year college? Then if they get a master's, do you give another graduation present?

A: This gift rule has some exceptions, so I can't say there's a hard and fast expectation. That's based on my conversation with Lizzie Post, and yes, that "Post" is a part of The Emily Post Institute good manners dynasty. She was kind enough to lend Answer Line her expertise.

"You should always give a gift that's within your budget," she said. "If it's not in your budget, by all means send a card with your words that wish your graduate well."

If money isn't the issue, she suggested the answer to your questions begins with how personally close you are to the graduate. Close grandparents or aunts and uncles probably should give a gift, she said.

The other consideration is whether you receive an actual invitation to graduation or a graduation party, or just an announcement. You're not expected to send a gift if you receive just an announcement, although a congratulatory note or phone call would be nice.

The final answer to your question is, generally speaking, bring a gift if you are invited to the graduation event or a party — and that's for a high school, two-year, four-year or graduate level graduation, no matter how many times a person graduates.

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