Thursday, October 19, 2017

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We endorse: For Congress, Simon Winston offers chance for needed change

By Longview News-Journal
Feb. 13, 2016 at 11:04 p.m.

Republican voters in East Texas finally have a choice in the contest to decide who will represent them in Congress. We encourage them to take it.

Electing Simon Winston to represent District 1 would be a long-needed move in the right direction for our region.

Winston, a Lufkin rancher, is a solid conservative with deep roots in the district, an understanding of the realities and challenges faced by East Texas businesses and a real desire to make things better for those who live and work in this beautiful part of the state.

That would be a welcome change from the representation we've been offered by Louie Gohmert, who often appears more interested in self-promoting and pandering on hot-button issues than working to improve conditions in the district, enacting needed laws or repealing unnecessary ones.

As Winston puts it: "I'm frustrated that Congress has become such a circus and that our Rep. Louie Gohmert is one of the main clowns."

As with anyone running against an incumbent, Winston faces an uphill battle. A newcomer to politics, he is not a smooth-talking politician by any stretch.

But Winston's stances are the staunchly conservative ones we need, different from Gohmert's stated positions mainly in that he understands the importance of progress.

And he is directly on point regarding the baggage Gohmert brings as our congressman. Winston is right that Gohmert seems always to be searching for the most outrageous statements to make on the House floor or in one of his endless appearances with right-wing radio hosts. Those jewels then rebound around the country, leading people to believe all East Texans think the same way.

We don't.

More importantly, as a career politician who has been collecting a government paycheck for nearly 25 years, Gohmert has accomplished next to nothing for business and the people of District 1 as he devotes his time to promoting himself.

Winston correctly points out we have too many laws and regulations, a situation he believes could be changed if someone with proven business skills was our representative in Washington. Winston is clearly that kind of man.

We believe East Texas can do better than the status quo. Unfortunately, East Texas Republicans have not had a choice. Gohmert has not faced a challenger since 2004.

Given the facts, we strongly encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to nominate Simon Winston to be their District 1 representative to Congress.



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