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Ways to reach consumers in 2016

By Kelly Benton
May 27, 2016 at midnight

Imagine, if you will, a typical morning routine. You come into the office enjoying your cup of coffee preparing for the day ahead. It’s still early and you’re not quite ready to start on that big project just yet, so you turn on your favorite Pandora music. Just to make sure you haven’t missed anything a friend has posted, you check Facebook. Being a concerned citizen, you take a look at the local newspaper website and catch up on current events.

Small and large businesses alike are facing the challenge of how to reach their customers in 2016. In today’s fast paced world you have to get more creative to reach your customers and make your adverting dollars work for you.

Digital advertising is constantly evolving and replacing traditional media’s effectiveness with today’s consumer. If you aren’t allocating your marketing budget to the methods listed below, you are missing out on potential customers.


With consumers using their smartphones to access information more than ever before, the importance of mobile optimized sites and mobile ads cannot be stressed enough. It should be no surprise that Google announced mobile traffic finally topped desktop traffic in 10 different countries in 2015.

Social Media

The social media landscape has changed how everyone uses the Internet. Facebook is now used as a search engine and marketplace. Facebook and other social media platforms are a way for advertisers to reach their customers on a personal level by identifying their wants, needs and likes and conveniently placing them in their feeds. Businesses are also using social media to truly connect with their customers, allowing customers more access and transparency into their businesses than ever before.


While video ads aren’t a new concept, the number of ways they can reach an audience is larger than ever. YouTube has raised the bar, encouraging other large platforms to offer more options for their customers to take in advertising. The numbers of those who like, share and watch video ads are increasing all the time in comparison to traditional advertising.

Streaming Services

Streaming services have forever changed the way that we take in music and television shows. Services like Pandora and Hulu are giving mobility with when and where they consume media. These platforms offer limited commercials which means the ones that are shown have more of an impact.

Geo Targeting

What if you could serve ads to your customers because they have entered your store or location, or better yet, because they have visited a competitor’s location? Advertisers are using this technology to not only target current customers, but to reach out to potential customers based on their shopping habits and places they have frequented. The possibilities with this technology are limitless and will be the fastest-growing service in 2016.

All of this may seem overwhelming and have you asking yourself, “Where do I even start?” The answer is easy. Let Advocate Digital Media do all the legwork for you.

Our sales and fulfillment teams can sit down with you and help come up with the perfect mix of marketing and advertising services that make sense to your business and to help you reach your customers effectively. We work with all types of business and all types of budgets. Don’t let you business fall behind the curve and continue missing out on potential customers, give us a call today.



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