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Music: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Nov. 23, 2016 at midnight

Most grown-up guitarists will tell you that their love for music goes back as far as they can remember. Some guitarists believe that they were born that way. Those kids, many as early as 5 or 6 years old, sought out just the right instrument for their creative outlet. They would sit at the kitchen table looking through the toy catalogs from the local department stores. As they turned from page-to-page they would hurriedly skip past the toy cars, sporting goods, and building blocks until they found the page that had the toy that would help them emulate their idols. That toy, for many, was a child’s first acoustic guitar.

The guitar in those department store catalogs wasn’t typically a quality musical instrument. It was a toy made of pressed wood and the strings were a white plastic that resembled pieces of cooked spaghetti. But for these child-musicians, it was the equivalent to Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB Gun in the movie A Christmas Story. They would picture themselves on stage with that guitar shaking their hips and singing to the top of their lungs while strumming out something that might resemble a chord.

Santa was usually the go-to-guy to get that stringed beauty because Mom & Dad would say that guitars were noisy and they didn’t quite understand why their son or daughter wouldn’t be content with a football or doll. If you were lucky, Santa would take the subtle hint and deliver on Christmas morning. Imagine the happiness when those young guitarists would come down the stairs, rubbed the sleep out of their eyes, and saw a tall, rectangular box under the tree!

Fast-forward a couple of years and now the true budding guitarists would be ready for a real guitar. They were a little older and no longer had any interest in sitting on Santa’s lap so they needed to rely on their parents to get them to the next level. Typically the parents would require guitar lessons at this time and expected the child to learn the self-discipline of mastering a skill.

Throughout their teenage years, many musicians would take jobs to help pay for their addiction to the guitar. While their friends were spending their money on toys, sporting goods, and clothes, they would save their hard-earned money for tuners, pedals, and better quality guitars. They would join the jazz band in high school and later start cover band with some friends.

To this day, most of those musicians hold regular nine-to-five jobs and enjoy playing the guitar for friends and family. Maybe it’s in a local cover band, maybe it’s as a music minister in church, or maybe it’s just sitting around a campfire strumming country songs. They usually didn’t turn into the next Elvis Presley, George Harrison, or Eddie Van Halen, but that first gift of a guitar started them on a path of learning, discipline, and self-expression.

If you are a musician, what sent you on the path to developing your talent? Was it that toy instrument your received as a gift? Were you born that way or did you need a push in that direction to realize that there was a hidden musician just waiting to develop?

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