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Search warrant offers new details in Rangerette kidnapping case

By Meredith Shamburger
April 17, 2017 at 5:32 p.m.
Updated April 18, 2017 at 7:31 a.m.

Nancy Alice Motes, 57, left, has been released on bond after being arrested in connection with the kidnapping of 19-year-old Alexa Evonne Blair. Blair is a Kilgore College Rangerette and is the daughter of the Rangerettes' director.

A Kilgore College Rangerette kidnapped at gunpoint was choked to the point she passed out and tied up with tape inside a storage building, according to court documents filed in the case from late last year.

The victim, Alexa Blair, 19, was able to remove the tape, escape from the building and call police. Responding officers saw "visible injuries to her neck and face" when they found her.

The cellphone search warrant, which Gregg County District Clerk records indicate was returned in March, offers new details in the Dec. 29, 2016 kidnapping of Rangerettes Director Dana Blair's daughter Alexa from their Longview home in the 2100 block of Airline Drive.

Police have arrested and charged Nancy Alice Motes, 57, with aggravated kidnapping. She was booked into the Rusk County Jail on Dec. 30 and released on $500,000 bond the same day.

Longview police were called to the Blair home just before 6:15 p.m. Dec. 29 to a reported robbery in progress. They later learned a woman had entered the home and kidnapped Alexa at gunpoint.

The search warrant details how Motes had come to the house and asked for Alexa. Motes was wearing a wig and holding a cardboard snowman poster or picture frame near her face, which police said was left at the house and collected as evidence, according to the warrant.

Dana Blair had answered the door, and when Alexa came to the front of the house, Motes pulled a gun from her pocket and told both women to go into another room, the warrant said. Motes told the women to kneel, then told Alexa to bind her mother's hands with tape. Motes then demanded keys and both women's cellphones, the warrant said.

Alexa Blair and Motes left the room when Alexa asked to be allowed to put on shoes. At that point, Dana Blair was able to escape from her bindings and run of out the house to get help from a neighbor.

Blair and the neighbor called 911 thinking it was a home invasion — but Motes and Blair's daughter were gone when Blair went back to the house, the warrant said.

A neighbor had seen Alexa and another person walking near a fence that separated the Blair home from a local business, and while driving toward Hollybrook Drive the neighbor saw a car pulling out of the parking lot, the warrant said. The neighbor noted the license plate. A later check would reveal it belonged to Kyle Motes, the warrant said.

About an hour after the kidnapping, Alexa Blair was able to break free and call police from a location in Rusk County. She said she had been placed in a storage building but was able to escape and jump a fence to get to safety, the warrant said.

Alexa Blair told police she thought the woman who had kidnapped her was named Nancy and she believed the woman was the mother of a former classmate, the warrant said.

She also told police Motes had driven them around for some time, throwing things out of the car all the while and at one point took a phone call, the warrant said.

When they arrived at the storage building, Motes choked the victim until she passed out, the warrant said. Motes tied her up with tape and left the storage building. Then, Alexa Blair removed the tape and escaped, the warrant said.

After finding here, police went to Motes' house in Kilgore. Motes' husband Kyle answered the door and told officers his wife had been out that evening and returned about 30 minutes earlier, the warrant said.

Officers found the suspected kidnapping car in the Motes' garage. The engine was still warm, and officers took it to the Gregg County Criminal Investigations Division building as part of their investigation, the warrant said. Officers also took a phone that Kyle Motes identified as belonging to his wife, the warrant said.

A search warrant issued by Rusk County in December was used to search the Motes home. Police found plastic bags of cut hair or synthetic hair in Motes' master bedroom. They also found and seized several handguns.



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