Sunday, February 25, 2018

Letters on feral hogs, News-Journal coverage, Trump's claims

April 19, 2017 at 10:43 p.m.

Ineffective method

The killings of hogs by the use of pesticide poisoning, as reported in the News-Journal (news stories, Feb. 24, March 7, April 18) may be premature.

There could be other ways to control the population besides just killing and disposal. There also is a possibility of endangering many other species if the pesticide is extensive.

I do not agree with this way of trying to gain control of the hog population. Some of our daily meats like bacon and pork come from these animals. Having the hogs eat the poison may affect other wildlife that will eventually eat the hog either dead or alive.

When the hog population dramatically decreases, it will leave the hunters no other choice but to start targeting other animals. This will eventually put many other species on the endangered list. Species that are plentiful today and evolving will just be in the past exactly like the hogs.

On the other hand, the hogs could be processed to feed people, and what is left that humans can't consume could be used to make dog treats. There would be enough excess meat to feed the vast amount of people in shelters and even homeless people living on the streets.

Almost everyone loves some form of pork, but is it really time to start the hog apocalypse? Hunters are already allowed to kill the animals from land or air, so why choose a force like this to counteract the hunters? There could be many different ways to handle the hog population, but poisoning them with pesticide isn't the most effective way.

Krystalle Sikes, Kilgore

The day's news

Please show consideration for your subscribers who are President Trump's supporters! Your newspaper makes it hard for my husband and I to keep making a subscription to your paper. In fact, that is an understatement.

Bobby and Dorothy Owens, Longview

Tired of winning?

When you hear someone lie day after day and it really doesn't effect you personally, you have the tendency to overlook the lies. But when it starts to effect you, the message hits home.

Republicans don't have an excuse now. They have both houses of Congress and the White House. They worked on a health care bill for better than eight years and still have nothing to offer.

Promises were big to the people who voted for Mr. Trump. The closer, the big salesman, the winner. Promises came easy and now he can't deliver. I have always heard if you talk the talk you better be able to walk the walk. This may be the start of reality for Mr. Trump. He told us he was a winner and we would get tired of winning? Boy, are we off to a good start.

Mr. Trump said if you can't make a deal with politicians you are not a very good deal maker. Sometimes things just don't go your way and Mr. Trump, you called this one for yourself.

Reality is hard to take sometimes, but real men can handle it.

Ken Schuler, Gladewater



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